Shelly Binnette

CEO | Vector97
Shelly Binnette

Shelly Binnette is the founder and CEO of Vector97, a provider of waste management consulting services that implements efficient and effective disposal and waste hauling programs. She has 30+ years of experience in the waste industry and is recognized as a subject matter expert with deep industry knowledge and an extreme passion for maintaining rate integrity for her clients.

Shelly got her start in the industry as a sales representative with Republic Services (formerly Browning Ferris Industries) and never looked back. She built deep relationships with haulers and quickly became the country’s top performing sales representative. Shelly also founded two other related companies which she sold in 2006—Waste Remedies, a Waste and recycling consulting company and Quality Equipment, a trash compactor company.

Shelly later decided to break away and started her own business, Refuse Specialists, which was later renamed to Vector97. The company grew from a handful of employees to 130+ today. While the company has expanded its services to include reporting, analytics, invoice processing, and other customer support services, Shelly remains focused on securing the most competitive rates possible for waste removal and recycling on behalf of our clients.

The Vector97 team have built a comprehensive database of pricing benchmarks to ensure that clients receive the appropriate level of service for the best possible price. She is most proud of their ability to secure the most competitive market rates for clients while building trust with haulers who see her as tough but fair.

Shelly has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing from the University of Iowa.