Kevin Flounders

Chief Executive Officer
Kevin Flounders
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Kevin Flounders joined SIB in 2018 to lead SIB’s technology and telecom practice and assumed the role of CEO in 2019.

In early 2020, he led the transaction between SIB and O2 Investment Partners, a private equity firm, to facilitate the firm’s next stage of growth. He and the leadership team are driving an aggressive plan to expand SIB’s service offerings and sales capabilities through targeted M&A and investments in our team. He has led the organization through six acquisitions in the past two years with others on the horizon.

As CEO, Kevin leverages his entrepreneurial spirit and decades of leadership success to drive SIB’s growth through organizational development, operational effectiveness, business development, and customer engagement. His focused expansion strategy positions SIB as a category leader in spend management services with the largest database of pricing benchmarks, deep analytics capabilities, specialized category expertise, disruptive technologies, and demonstrated savings in the industries we serve.

Prior to joining SIB, Kevin was the founder and CEO of Comstar Technologies, a technology integration firm focused on VoIP, data, and physical infrastructure, growing it to a $50 million technology platform.