Private Equity Value Creation
Private Equity Value Creation

Private Equity Value Creation & Implementation

Accelerate EBITDA Improvement. Spend smarter and increase enterprise value.

Private Equity Value Creation

Rapidly reduce costs and enhance portfolio company EBITDA performance with a no-risk, no-friction approach.

Optimizing costs for portfolio companies doesn’t require any operational changes.

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Private Equity Value Creation

Spend smarter and increase enterprise value.

Cost optimization is a critical contributor to enterprise value creation. Typically, this effort is tackled by outside consulting firms that routinely dictate major, time consuming operational changes. SIB offers a simpler way. We help Private Equity firms realize increased profits by saving tens of thousands of dollars per month on dozens of indirect spends like SaaS, waste, shipping, utilities and treasury–without changing vendors or service levels.

With more than 200 subject matter experts, $26B in pricing data, and business intelligence gleaned from over 100,000 locations under management, SIB assures current vendors are invoicing, taxing, and surcharging correctly at best-in-market rates, terms, and conditions. We share only in a portion of the savings we unlock with fees typically held below the line.

You realize 100% of the EBITDA and enterprise uplift. Our cost reduction and contract compliance services are a no-friction, no-risk way to cut costs and close EBITDA gaps quickly while keeping portfolio company management teams focused on the core business and bigger picture revenue generation.

Multiply your savings.

Save an average of 11-34% in 15 key spend areas we oversee

Free up cash flow to reduce debt and fund growth initiatives

Realize 100% uplift in enterprise value

Advance sustainability plans and ESG compliance

Private Equity Value Creation
Put our cost reduction and contract compliance expertise to work to unlock greater multiples.

From financial and operational due diligence through exit and during all phases of the deal cycle, we do the work to uncover the business expense savings and contract optimization opportunities that will increase your multiples.

We have subject matter experts in 15 different spend areas–telecom, utilities, shipping, treasury services, waste, and a range of other spend areas–review contractual obligations and procurement positions, uncover noncompliance issues and costly billing errors, and find opportunities for cost reduction with your current vendors for your current services. We leverage 500,000+ pricing benchmarks and deep experience with all of the key vendors in each category to support private equity firms and their portfolio companies is unearthing actionable savings for accelerated enterprise value creation.

Our experts in shipping and fulfillment cost reduction and contract optimization can help customize a strategy to optimize transit times and costs. Our experts help with 3PL strategies and logistics. We work with companies who are seeking fulfillment services and provide a deep understanding of contracts and service-level agreements (SLAs). Our team can craft 3PL contracts, create cost structures, and define the optimal network for streamlined distribution.

Our energy and waste management experts can assist portfolio companies in improving ESG profiles and increasing visibility into ESG results to meet investor demands for enhanced disclosure. From expert assistance in procuring green power and strategies for recycling, diverting, and reducing waste to full support for accurately calculating and reporting Scope 1 and 2 emissions, our work helps reduce costs while ensuring a more sustainable future.

Telecom industry experts help streamline this major expense area by strategically auditing inventory assets, costs, and revenue assurance. Our team identifies and corrects costly mistakes and helps with rightsizing to remove obsolete assets and establish a more efficient and cost-effective network design. Our telecom team has created the first-ever self-funded blockchain solution for telecom ordering and billing. The blockchain solution includes preemptive order correction, real-time rating of orders, and SLA management.

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Private Equity Value Creation

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Private Equity Value Creation

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Our team tackles your business spend savings opportunities, freeing portfolio company executives to focus on other critical growth initiatives and offering an impactful EBITDA generation tool to amplify your value creation efforts with a low lift from the management team.

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Private Equity Value Creation

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Executive Vice President, Professional Services

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Private Equity Value Creation