Government Agencies

Optimize every dollar in your budget.

Governments and educational institutions have a responsibility to get the most out of every dollar spent. But many spend areas are complex and sensitive, resulting in providers overbilling government agencies by hundreds of millions of dollars per year. As proud members of the Government Business Executive Forum (GBEF), SIB helps federal, state, and local governments better understand their spend, reduce costs, and create savings within any stage of the budget cycle, empowering teams to achieve their telecom and technology goals.

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$24B Multi-Industry Telecom Database

Ensure every telecom service is optimized with access to data and industry expertise that helps you secure and maintain best-in-class rates, contract terms, and conditions.

100% Self-funded Solutions

Reduce costs without increasing budget with our no-risk solutions that fund themselves.

99% Telecom Inventory Accuracy

We combine industry data sources, carrier records, and physical site survey results to build comprehensive telecom services inventories from the ground up.

5-10% Energy Savings

We provide a review of regulated rates charged by public and municipal utilities, using proprietary internal software that can reduce your costs without changing your vendors.

Our Public Sector Clients

Our Process

  1. Review Vendor Spend
    We look at 12 months of expenses across all categories from your general ledger to give you the big picture view of your spend and identify high-potential savings areas.
  2. Define the Scope and Roadmap
    Decide which expenses you want to tackle first. We meet with internal stakeholders in each expense category to gather additional details and data and obtain authorization letters permitting us to work directly with your vendors.
  3. Analyze, Negotiate, and Present the Opportunity
    We thoroughly audit your spend, invoices, and contract terms and conditions, uncovering every area for savings and optimization with existing vendors and services. Upon request, we can also look at sourcing alternate vendors. You review the full scope of opportunities and decide which to approve and implement.
  4. Implement Savings Strategies
    We put new contracts and rates into effect and provide your internal teams with documentation of all new pricing agreements, terms, and conditions. When you save, we share a portion of the savings, so there are no upfront costs and no risks to you.
  5. Validate Savings and Ensure Compliance
    We partner with you throughout the scope of your new contracts and service agreements to keep vendors in compliance, validate savings, and ensure you are receiving all negotiated services. We proactively look for new or additional savings opportunities to ensure best-in-market rates for the long term.

Spend Areas We Help



Power up your business and bottom line with an average of 11% savings on electricity, natural gas, water, and propane, more reliable service, and reduced billing errors.

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Reduce telecom expenses by an average of 28% with a rightsized network, competitive market rates and terms, and a proactive approach to eliminating common billing errors.

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Payroll Processing

Optimize your payroll processing solution to simplify and better meet your company’s human capital management needs while saving an average of 24%.

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Linen, Laundry, and Uniforms

Secure and validate the best prices and terms to improve your current service levels while reducing your linen, laundry, and uniform costs by an average of 26%.

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Janitorial Services

Optimize service and supply level, identify billing errors, and negotiate best-in-class rates with your vendors to reduce your janitorial costs by an average of 21%.

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Document Storage/Destruction

Significantly reduce document storage and destruction fees by an average of 35-45% by optimizing rates and terms with your current vendors.

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Ready to reduce your costs across your top spend categories? Get started with a no risk, comprehensive evaluation of your vendor transaction history and put our market intelligence and industry expertise to work to spend smarter and improve your bottom line.

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