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Cost Reduction

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Pay less for the same business services without changing vendors, operations, or service levels.

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Watch this brief video to learn more about our approach to cost reduction and contract compliance. We work behind the scenes to reduce expenses on your behalf without changing vendors or disrupting your day-to-day operations. Getting started is easy and quick. You’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

Cost Reduction

Significantly reduce costs without changing service levels, vendors, or operations.

Most companies lack the time, technology, or internal resources to vigilantly monitor hundreds of complex bills and contracts for savings opportunities across a multitude of spend categories. But SIB does.

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Cost Reduction

Put our team to work for you.

Most companies have opportunities to significantly reduce what they pay service providers including energy, telecom, waste management, shipping, insurance, treasury fees, and more—without changing vendors or service levels. They simply don’t have the time, people, and benchmarking data to successfully do the legwork to optimize contracts or achieve best-in-class pricing. But with SIB’s expense reduction services, we can make it happen.

We consistently find cost savings that can add up to tens of thousands of dollars per month across all your locations. This amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and a million or more in savings over the span of your multi-year contracts. We work as your advocate to strategically reduce your costs across multiple spend categories, immediately and significantly improving your bottom line.

Reduce costs—not service levels.

Reduce business expense costs by 11-34% across multiple spend categories

Maintain and strengthen vendor relationships and service levels

Rightsize services to eliminate redundant or unneeded services

Sustain savings for the longterm

Cost Reduction
Put our cost-reduction services, tools, and data to work for your business.

Our team dives deep into your contracts, conducting a thorough historical review to ensure your vendors are living up to their service promises and pricing. Chances are, they aren’t. Even when vendors honor the pricing your team has negotiated, you are likely paying taxes, surcharges, and fees you are not obligated to pay. Or you may not be receiving the full scope of services per your contract. We find every error, overbilling, and opportunity for savings to significantly reduce your costs and ensure the greatest value for your spend. Learn more >

Leveraging data from 500,000+ pricing benchmarks and deep industry expertise in each spend category, SIB negotiates with your vendors to successfully implement cost reduction strategy and establish optimized, executable service contracts at the ideal rate structures for your business, industry, and region. Because we have the comparison data to back up our requests, along with the persistence of a dedicated team, we succeed in securing concessions where individual companies typically struggle. We focus on terms and conditions along with rate optimization to ensure favorable language, adequate protection from future price increases, and ongoing value.

With so many expenses to manage, it’s extremely time consuming and challenging for companies to stay on top of service redundancies and inefficiencies or to proactively cancel obsolete services. And your service providers and vendors don’t always make the process easy. SIB puts a team of expense reduction analysts on the job to verify that your business is buying only what it really needs. You can eliminate unneeded services with confidence and gain peace of mind that your business is appropriately serviced without being overserviced.

Securing best-in-class rates and contracts is one thing. Sustaining them for the long-term is another. Our team of expense reduction analysts provides ongoing vigilance to validate cost savings, prevent price creep, and take advantage of future savings opportunities as the pricing landscape evolves. With SIB on your side, your rates and terms are not just leading-edge today, they’ll remain that way throughout the span of your contract.

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Cost Reduction

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Cost Reduction

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Vice President of Sales and Energy Services
Cost Reduction

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Vice President, Technology & Innovation

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Cost Reduction