Utilities Management for Energy, Waste, and Telecom
Utilities Management

Optimize Essential Services Spend for Waste Removal, Telecom and Energy.

Utilities Management for Energy, Waste, and Telecom

Reduce cost and complexity across essential services.

Procure, manage, and avoid overspending in these complex, business-critical services with cost reduction, contract compliance, and a range of specialized services.

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Utilities Management for Energy, Waste, and Telecom

Energy, waste, and telecom are strategic, interconnected business spend categories that each involve inherent change and complexity by location. It’s common for companies to pay significantly more than they should in all three areas while struggling to optimize solutions to control costs and meet the various regulations and security requirements for different locations and states. SIB provides you with specialized consulting and cost-reduction expertise in all three areas to lower and contain your utility billing costs while introducing strategies to improve sustainability and modernize for a more efficient future. We bring clarity to the complexity, helping you turn data into insights that can drive your business and your bottom line.

Tap into specialized expertise for essential services, all from one source.

Reduce cost and optimize contracts with subject matter expertise in energy, telecom, and waste removal

Unlock savings that increase business value without increasing sales or reducing headcount

Gain financial assurance through independent validation and verification of utilities solutions designs and costs

Make better business decisions faster with increased insight into utilities usage and spend data

Utilities Management for Energy, Waste, and Telecom
Reduce costs and complexity across your essential services.

Juggling utility bill management across multiple locations in multiple states for water and energy costs, water, waste management, and telecom services can bog down internal resources. It’s easy for costly billing errors or unauthorized fees and price increases to slip through or for payments to be missed, resulting in late fees, shutoffs, billing disputes, or increased expenses that can hamstring your business. We act as your outsourced utility AP team, gathering, consolidating, reviewing, and paying utility bills on time every time, while working directly with your vendors to expertly handle any and all exceptions from end to end.

CFOs need an advocate on their side and access to coherent data and market intelligence to understand best-in-class pricing, terms, and conditions for utilities as well as all the options for procurement. Our telecom, waste, and energy teams help clients understand what they should be paying and work to negotiate and optimize rates. This is often without changing vendors and service levels, while improving terms and conditions that can give providers significant pricing latitude. Utility bill automation and monthly line-item auditing with our proprietary utility billing software solutions ensures you’re receiving and paying according to the agreed upon optimized contract. In required cases, our sourcing specialists will assist in procuring the proper energy supplier, waste hauler, or telecom provider.

If you are opening and closing locations at a fast pace, our utility expense management team can keep your business running on schedule and without delays or interruptions. Dedicated utility experts negotiate best-in-class rates and contract terms for new properties. Our team works to ensure the utilities are turned on or off, on time, every time to streamline new location openings or account transitions after mergers and acquisitions. We also provide seamless coordination of equipment ordering for Turn and rate negotiation for property owners of student housing properties.

Gain a clear view of your utility usage and spend data for faster, better decision making and streamlined ESG and sustainability reporting compliance. Better insight into your data can facilitate more productive planning and what if scenario analysis while also helping you better understand costs, sustainability initiatives, and security issues. We consolidate your utility data and give you greater visibility into the important metrics, so you can gain clarity and control of these critical spend areas.

Devise and deploy your most cost-effective invoice processing and utility management solutions that take advantage of green options and help you rightsize and modernize your approach to energy, waste management, and telecom. Experts in each area look for opportunities to eliminate waste, introduce cost-saving and efficiency-driving alternatives, and prepare your business for the future with forward-thinking approaches to utility management. We advise and help implement renewable energy sources; waste stream optimization, diversion, and reduction strategies; and accurate, rightsized telecom inventories that eliminate stranded assets to streamline and optimize every aspect of your utility solution.

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Working with one team of specialists in each utilities spend area helps you efficiently optimize and better understand one of your most complex business expense categories.

Utilities Management for Energy, Waste, and Telecom

Brandon Sisson

Vice President of Sales and Energy Services
Utilities Management for Energy, Waste, and Telecom

Scott Johnson

Vice President, Technology & Innovation
Utilities Management for Energy, Waste, and Telecom

Steve Sims

Vice President, Waste & Recycling

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Utilities Management for Energy, Waste, and Telecom