Telecommunication Carriers
Telecommunication Carriers

Migrate to a more profitable future.

The results are in and early adopters of blockchain are already capturing the financial and strategic results of digitally transforming their global operations. SIB’s telecom team, Sage Management, is partnering with forward-thinking carriers with live use cases already in action leveraging our proprietary inFuse platform. We help carriers fully prepare for and move to blockchain with confidence in their inventories and future growth and innovation in mind.

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Self-Funded Blockchain Solution

Carriers trust our proprietary inFuse platform to proactively correct ordering and billing errors and permanently eliminate disputes, back billings, and accrual issues.

$4B in Savings Delivered

For nearly twenty years, Sage has been a pioneer in telecommunications technology, focusing on creating value for carriers by identifying and recovering billing errors through our inFuse platform.


Sage implements cutting edge technology that eliminates the profound issues existing in the antiquated business operations, systems, and processes found in the telecommunications industry.

By Telecom for Telecom

Our veteran experts average 25+ years of industry experience across ordering, provisioning, engineering, legal, and financial teams, giving us the in-depth insight it takes to build an immutable ledger, complex smart contracts, and single source of truth the industry can trust.

Telecommunication Carriers

SIB’s Sage Management team is proud to be a solution provider for MEF, a global industry association of network, cloud, and technology providers that drives network transformation to power the digital economy. We work directly with global telecommunication carriers at MEF to implement blockchain solutions for the entire industry. We are a recognized LSO Solution Provider and self-funded blockchain based solution for telecom ordering, SLA management, and billing. Our team participates in weekly roundtable discussions, quarterly meetings, and blockchain use case development within MEF. Sage’s SVP of Blockchain, April Taylor, sits on MEF’s advisory council as the Co-Chair to the Commercial Business Committee (CBC) and has previously worked as the blockchain liaison between the CBC and the LSO Committee.

Our Process

Not a penny out of pocket. You fund blockchain through realized savings. Sage’s inFuse solution proactively corrects the all-to-common errors in ordering and billing, eliminating disputes, back billings, and accrual issues. We utilize a three-phased approach to drive value:

Phase 1
Rating of all historical orders for current embedded base of off-net telecom assets

Phase 2
Real-time rating and correction of orders

Phase 3
Blockchain solution using MEF APIs to order and mutually endorse off-net assets


Telecommunication Carriers
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Telecommunication Carriers
How We Help Telecommunication Carriers

Gain an accurate, real-time rated inventory to identify cost savings, manage network expansion or migration, and secure your network quickly and easily.

For assets that aren’t ordered on the optimal contract vehicle, our team will handle the change order process to move to the best contract available to you. We then leverage our $24 billion benchmarking database to make sure your rates are in line with market pricing.

Turn paper MSAs into computer code to facilitate real-time rating and immediately identify errors and issues that will generate significant refunds and savings for your organization.

When vendors don’t meet their service level agreements, you are due credits. But manually calculating and requesting those credits is complicated and time consuming. Our blockchain solution handles credits in real time to save you time and money.

Our subscription based application drives savings with guaranteed ROI through real-time visibility into telecom inventory, contracts, orders, and costs. The application can be deployed across enterprise, government, and telecommunications carriers.

Take Control of Your Spend Today

Contact the team at Sage Management, an SIB company, to prepare for blockchain through rating your embedded base and developing the complexity necessary in a smart contract to account for all of your contract vehicles and services in a self-funded Phase 1 blockchain contract.

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Telecommunication Carriers