A proven, no-risk approach to business cost reduction and contract optimization.

We find significant savings you can’t easily see. And you pay nothing until we get results.

The numbers are in. Data, discipline, and deep industry expertise work to significantly reduce business expenses and optimize vendor contracts, rates, terms, and conditions for the long-term. The SIB approach to cost reduction and contract optimization consistently cuts costs across business spend categories by an average of 11-34%, generating valuable savings that go right to your bottom line. And because there are no upfront costs, you don’t pay a dime until we save you money. We simply share in a portion of the savings when we do.

It’s worth taking a look. And getting started is easy.


5 Easy Steps to Savings

The process is simple. The results are guaranteed.

See where you’re spending and prioritize your best savings opportunities.

We start by creating the big picture view of your business expenses and vendor spend. We’ll request a vendor transaction report or access to 12 months of expenses across all categories from your general ledger. In most cases, the more you spend, the greater your opportunities for savings. Based on our spend category expertise and robust benchmarking data, we can quickly highlight your greatest opportunities for cost reduction and optimization.

Prioritize where you want to save and optimize first.

Once you know where you’re spending more than you should and where you stand to save the most, we meet with internal stakeholders in each expense category to gather additional details and data about your accounts. If you have additional expenses or vendor concerns—for example, a desire to change banks, evaluate benefits coverage, or to challenge your property taxes—we add those projects to the scope. You sign authorization letters permitting us to work directly with your vendors on your behalf and we get to work on the next step. We can also consult and support on solutions including streamlining location open/close, sustainability reporting, and vendor data analysis and visualization.

Discover actionable options for immediate and long-term expense reduction and more favorable terms and conditions.

SIB experts in each targeted spend area get to work thoroughly auditing spend, invoices, and contract terms and conditions, uncovering every area for savings and optimization with existing vendors and services. We conduct a historical review of your account to identify contract noncompliance issues and billings errors, and we pinpoint all credits you are due. We pursue rate reductions and opportunities to renegotiate contracts to improve terms and conditions; reduce or eliminate fees, taxes, and surcharges; and add contract language that prevents excessive rate increases by your vendors. We highlight any savings that can be captured through rightsizing service agreements, equipment, and assets. Upon request, we can also look at sourcing alternate vendors. You review the full scope of savings and optimization opportunities and decide which to approve and implement.

Capture immediate benefits.

Upon your approval of the presented opportunities, the SIB team works with vendors to put new contracts and rates into effect and to initiate any rightsizing changes to your service levels and assets. We provide your internal teams with documentation of all new pricing agreements, terms, and conditions. When you save, we share a portion of the savings, so there are no upfront costs and no risks to you.

Gain peace of mind with ongoing financial assurance.

Our work doesn’t stop once contracts are signed and implemented. We partner with you throughout the scope of your new contracts and service agreements to keep vendors in compliance and ensure you are receiving all negotiated services for the agreed upon price. We use software and our expense category teams’ expertise to vigilantly monitor invoices and validate savings on an ongoing, monthly basis, identifying and correcting billing errors, flagging and addressing any service issues, and preventing unauthorized price creep, fees, surcharges, or taxes. We proactively look for new or additional savings opportunities, share them with you for approval, and capture and implement the new savings. You get peace of mind knowing that you’re paying best-in-market rates for optimized contracts for the long term.

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