Tiffany Brown

Executive Vice President, Technology & Innovation | Sage Management
Tiffany Brown

Tiffany Brown serves as the Executive Vice President of SIB and has over 25 years of telecom experience. As EVP, she is responsible for helping our clients identify, reconcile, and recognize savings. She is part of a team that has successfully delivered over $4 billion dollars in savings to our clients.

Tiffany is well-known and respected in the telecommunications industry from her work with the FCC and various clients on intercarrier compensation issues. She is a subject matter expert and frequent speaker on telecommunications ordering, billing, inventory, FCC, intercarrier compensation, and blockchain topics.

Prior to joining Sage, Tiffany held telecom financial analysis positions at Windstar and TEOCO, where she successfully identified and negotiated over $250M in disputes and optimizations across all types of global products and services.

Tiffany attended the University of Virginia with a major in Systems Engineering.