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Document Storage / Retrieval Services and Savings

document storage and retrievalDocument storage and retrieval is vital to many companies, even in the Information Age. While records are becoming increasingly digitized, storage of large amounts of paper files is standard in many industries, and companies depend on having those hard copy backups.

But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank for it.

The problem: companies typically only see a correlation between expense and performance and tend forget all about efficiency. This is particularly true in the document storage industry. Business leaders believe that “the price is the price,” and that cutting back on document storage expenses will inevitably lead to less quality of service or dependability. SIB Fixed Cost Reduction is here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Why You Need Affordable and Effective Document Storage

Document storage is the classic example of “out of sight, out of mind.” When files are stored offsite, it can be easy to lose track of your company’s total volume of stored documents, and easy to forget that these materials generate a charge every single month.

While there are good reasons to use these services – security, compliance, convenience, and space utilization – it is also often the case that companies overspend for these services because of limited competition and unfamiliarity with operational and regulatory requirements.

If you’re going to save money without losing those essential services, you’re going to need a systematic process to evaluate, negotiate, and manage your document storage expenses. That’s where SIB Fixed Cost Reduction comes in.

Our Process

How SIB Fixed Cost Reduction works is simple to explain, but requires experience and expertise to implement. That’s why we start by working with you to evaluate your needs and then audit your expenses to identify billing errors, highlight compliance issues, and scrutinize your rates to see if you’ve been paying more than you should. We can benchmark your expenses against other companies’ best-in-class rates and practices to determine if there are savings to be had.

Working with SIB Fixed Cost Reduction

If you want to reduce your document storage costs but don’t want any upfront risk when it comes to expense evaluation, SIB Fixed Cost Reduction offers you the choice of simple savings. Contact our document storage and retrieval experts to find out how we can kick off the process and start looking at ways that your company can become more cost-efficient without sacrificing essential services. 98% of the time, we find savings for our clients. Let us find savings for your company too.

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