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Contract Auditing: Outsourced Staffing


Employers may have different reasons for outsourcing, but one thing is certain. Organizations don’t want to bloat their bottom lines with unnecessary costs just to keep productivity levels high. They want to ensure their investment is paying off and that their third-party staff remains efficient and effective.

Third party staffing should add value to your business, not reduce it. SIB fixed cost reduction experts are available to analyze your third-party staffing needs and uncover opportunities for savings. SIB will help you maximize the value of your third-party staff so that you can continue to grow your business and reach your objectives.

The Need for Effective Third Party Staffing

Many companies are spending a lot of money to fulfill their labor needs beyond their in-house staff. If you count yourself among those companies, you are not alone.

Third party staffing represents fixed costs that are necessary for businesses to operate at a functional level. Just because these costs are fixed, however, does not mean they should be viewed as a “necessary evil.” As with many fixed costs, there are opportunities for savings that can help increase the value of your investment and help expand your business.

Working with SIB Fixed Cost Reduction Experts

Our proven fixed cost reduction process relies on our skilled professionals and their expertise. We perform all of the work at no risk to you through these simple steps:

  • We schedule a quick phone call to get a feel for your needs and better understand the types of costs you are looking to reduce.
  • If you decide to move forward, we’ll ask that you provide access to any relevant paperwork and bills so that we can get a clear picture of your third-party staffing and identify the best opportunities for savings.
  • With access to the necessary paperwork, we’ll perform a comprehensive review. Here we check for compliance, search for better vendors (though you may stay with your current vendors, if preferred), and determine where we can negotiate improved terms.
  • Finally, we present to you the opportunities for savings that we’ve discovered in a clear, easy to understand summary. Most importantly, we will ALWAYS ask for your approval before taking any action to implement our proposed solutions.

Through this entire process, one thing will become clear – there is absolutely no risk involved. Because we perform each step in close consultation with you, you will have the opportunity to let us know if the savings terms outlined don’t work for you. When we do find savings, no action is taken without your permission. There’s no need to make any decisions until you’re absolutely confident in our findings.

Contact us to learn how you can reduce costs and start saving on third-party staffing and other fixed costs today.