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Laundry, Linen and Textiles Cost Reduction

Depending on the industry you are in, laundering linens and employee uniforms – and even floormat cleaning – can have a noticeable impact on your bottom line. For many, it’s something that has to be done, and little attention is paid to the cost involved. This may be due in part to the idea that as a fixed expense, there is nothing that can be done to find savings for such a basic yet essential service.

That is where SIB Fixed Cost Reduction comes in.

By tackling uniform, linen, and laundry service expenses head on and utilizing our wealth of knowledge and experience, SIB can help companies save on one of the necessary costs of their business without losing quality of service in the long run.

How Important are Uniform, Linen, and Laundry Services?

As of 2015, there were over 200,000 establishments in the industry. IBISWorld puts laundry industry revenue at roughly $5 billion. That leaves plenty of room for businesses to save some money.

Organizations in an industry where uniform cleaning and laundry services are part of daily business likely already have a contract in place with a vendor. Many businesses believe there are no opportunities for savings until that contract expires. At SIB Fixed Cost Reduction, we choose not to think that way until we’ve had a chance to look over the paperwork ourselves.

How It Works

Our process begins with an examination of contract compliance. Simply put, is the vendor living up to the written promises they made at the beginning of the relationship? If not, there may be some flexibility. Further, if an organization is being overcharged for items that were not part of the original agreement, there are likely potential cost savings there as well.

In the world of linen and laundry services, organizations typically sign up for monthly contracts, which offers some immediate flexibility to change the service agreement. However, even when entering long-term contracts, SIB can review contract language to identify a company’s options and highlight opportunities for savings.

Our team of experienced experts scours for paperwork errors, unpublished discount rates, and more to try to identify additional sources of cost reduction. Our experienced contract negotiators can help companies achieve a new contract if the current one isn’t up to snuff.

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction charges nothing if we are unable to find any savings. When it comes to cost reduction, this isn’t a low-risk policy – it’s a no-risk policy.

Get Started Today

Although uniform, linen, and laundry service contracts may seem unbreakable, companies may be surprised by what they find when they dig deeper into their fixed costs. Contact SIB Fixed Cost Reduction to find out how we can put our process to work for your business, helping to identify the key strategies that can overhaul the way your company thinks about its fixed costs.