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Janitorial Services Contract Management

Business4Because cleanliness and sanitation is so essential, many business owners pay more than necessary for these services without stopping to consider if there are any opportunities for savings.

At SIB, we realize that janitorial services are among the most important to keep an organization running. But a “fixed” cost does not mean that there’s no room for improvements—particularly if the quality isn’t what it should be. In fact, many organizations are surprised when they find out how much they can be saving by taking a closer look at all of their fixed costs. SIB provides key services to help streamline organizations’ budgets, with expertise in finding opportunities to save on janitorial services and other fixed costs.

Reducing Janitorial Services Costs

Organizations that have signed a janitorial contract requiring their company to stay with the same service provider for a certain period of time can feel like they’re trapped, with no way to reduce costs.

With a thorough evaluation process and deep expertise across a broad range of industries, SIB can uncover solutions for reducing costs over an array of fixed expenses. At no risk to our clients, our auditors can examine the books made available to us and quickly identify opportunities for savings.

To streamline the process and drive maximum savings, SIB follows a proven fixed cost reduction methodology, which includes:

  • Working with organizations’ current janitorial vendors to identify service levels and options
  • Checking for contract compliance to make sure businesses are receiving all of the services they’re paying for
  • Identifying the right service opportunities
  • Negotiating better rates and looking to price expenses appropriately based on industry levels of pricing

Once we’ve unearthed the savings, we bring our proposed solutions to our clients, clearly explaining what could be saved in the short- and long-term. Our clients have the power to decide what opportunities they’d like to pursue. Then, with approval, we’ll implement the chosen options. It’s that simple.

Risk-Free Contract Management Approach

Many organizations know they can’t back out of their contracts, and they may be tempted to think that there’s nothing they can do to improve fixed costs like janitorial services.

SIB experts know where to look, leveraging their industry experience to discover savings for organizations within their fixed costs. With a no-risk approach, we don’t force companies to make any changes that they don’t want to make. We show the potential savings before we implement them, helping to maximize savings while ensuring organizations run as smoothly as ever.

Contact us to discover how you can unlock savings within your janitorial services and other fixed expenses today.