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Ice Machine Expense Reduction Analysis


Ice machine maintenance is likely a service you don’t pay much attention to.  If you’re happy you’re your service, why worry?  Well, one good reason is the fact that you might be paying too much for your ice machine maintenance contracts. With deep experience in the industry, the expense reduction analysis experts at SIB can find opportunities to reduce your ice machine maintenance costs.

The aggravation and complications that can occur when your ice machines are not working properly could cause a lot of headaches for your staff and customers. Every hotel at every level of service needs an ice machine, as do many restaurants, retail stores, and other facilities. Even if your ice machine is only used as a convenience, you want to make sure it is in working order. Your ice machine maintenance contract is in place to ensure that your ice making equipment does exactly what it’s supposed to do with minimum effort from your on-site team. That doesn’t mean you need to pay premiums for services you rarely use, or maybe don’t use at all. A thorough expense reduction analysis can uncover opportunities for your organization to save on your ice machine maintenance and other expenses.

Why You Need An Ice Machine Expense Reduction Analysis

Many companies do not realize that their ice machine maintenance service providers are charging a premium. Many ice machine maintenance companies will charge certain industries more, simply because they can. However, the service they are delivering is no different than what they offer to another industry. For instance, an ice machine maintenance company may provide service to a fast-food restaurant, a high-end hotel, and a hospital, but they may charge the hospital more, even though they are not offering any extra attention.

These are exactly the kinds of opportunities SIB can identify in your maintenance contracts through a comprehensive expense reduction analysis. With years of performing expense reduction analysis across a variety of industries, SIB has been able to benchmark bottom-line pricing for ice machine maintenance and a host of other industry sectors. If you are paying more than you ought to for ice machine maintenance, SIB can use this benchmarking database to negotiate a rate that is more in line with the service you are actually receiving.

SIB’s Process: How It Works

The process for SIB’s expense reduction analysis is simple and completely risk-free. We first evaluate the level of service you are receiving and what your expectations are. We then perform an audit of your most recent three to six months of invoices and service call details. Identifying any billing errors and obtaining credits or refunds for you where appropriate, our expense reduction analysis experts will be there every step of the way.  They are also focused on making sure there is no disruption of your service.

We work to ensure that you are receiving exactly what you need at the best possible rate. Best of all, if we’re not able to reduce your ice machine maintenance expenses, you pay nothing. SIB assumes all risk for the effort.

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