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Grease Trap Cleaning Contract Management

grease trap cleaning 2 For any company with a heavy reliance on food service, good plumbing means having a grease trap that’s regularly cleaned. Hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, and more rely on grease trap cleaning in order to comply with local plumbing regulations and keep business running smoothly.

Grease trap cleaning is a fixed cost—something you can’t afford to go without. But that doesn’t mean there is no room for adjustment. Most organizations are leaving money on the table by not taking a closer look at their fixed expenses, like grease trap cleaning. SIB fixed cost reduction experts know what to look for and can help organizations identify opportunities for cost savings within their grease trap cleaning and other fixed expenses.

Clean up your Grease Trap Contracts

grease trap cleaningA good place to start when examining grease trap cleaning expenses is to ensure the company has a firm understanding of how grease trap cleaning works and what to look for in their current contract. Any business looking to reduce costs for their grease trap cleaning services should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Is the contractor delivering on everything they said they would? For example, most grease trap cleaning contracts will stipulate that their services must comply with local laws and regulations. If not, you may be able to look for services somewhere else.
  • Is the grease trap fully pumped out during each cleaning? Or are lackluster services leading to grease buildup over time?
  • Are extra services like steam cleaning going as described?
  • Has the contractor been strategically unavailable during work hours, charging more for hours as stipulated in the contract?

Working with SIB Fixed Cost Reduction Experts

SIB exerts help organizations to reduce costs on services such as grease trap cleaning. Here’s how it works:

  • After a brief introductory call, we’ll review any recent bills and relevant contract information provided to us, performing a thorough analysis.
  • We’ll work with vendors to make sure current service levels are warranted. Many businesses pay for more grease trap cleaning than is really necessary for their plumbing.
  • We check for compliance to ensure that the contract—and costs—are being honored with an adequate level of service.
  • Our team of expert negotiators will determine if the business is paying an appropriate level for what they’re receiving and identify opportunities to reduce costs.

From there, we’ll offer an easy to understand summary of our findings and propose solutions for potential savings. We don’t implement any solutions until we’ve received approval, eliminating any risk to our clients. This proven process provides plenty of time to look over opportunities for savings and, ultimately, make the decisions for yourself.

Contact us to start saving on your grease trap cleaning services today and to learn what other fixed expenses you could be saving on.