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Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Expense Management


No matter what kind of business you are in, clean floors are a necessity. A safe, sanitary working environment is essential for both your employees and customers. Your floor cleaning and maintenance contracts might encompass carpet and rug cleaning, tile cleaning, and grout cleaning, but no matter the scope of the work, it needs to get done. In all likelihood, your contractors are reliable, efficient and responsive to your every cleaning need. However, even if you’ve never had any reason to question their service, you may be paying too much.

SIB Floor Cleaning Expense Management

Many cleaning companies take a cookie-cutter approach to their commercial contracts. Others may charge on a sliding scale, meaning that locations within large urban centers tend to pay much more than locations in the suburbs for the same service. This is just one example of a cost disparity you may be experiencing without even realizing it. If your company has locations throughout a particular region or even the entire country, it’s quite possible you are paying more in some areas than in others. Some cleaning companies may even charge more to certain industries, such as healthcare or high-end hospitality, when in fact you’re receiving the same exact service for an inflated price.

The good news is that it’s possible to put a cap on your fixed maintenance costs like floor cleaning. With an experienced cost reduction consultant like SIB on your side, you can uncover opportunities to reduce costs for maintenance and floor cleaning no matter your location. While you may be satisfied with what you’re currently paying for your floor cleaning contracts, without industry standards to benchmark against, you will never truly know how your rates compare with other businesses. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of maintenance expense management, SIB can help.

SIB’s No-Risk Approach

SIB first looks at the level of service you are receiving, and then compares it to our data on the industry’s lowest possible rates, which we’ve acquired through years of corporate expense management work. We then negotiate better terms for reducing fixed costs and overall spend. Our aim is to ensure that you are paying only for the products and services you use and not overpaying for the level of service you need. We benchmark and then renegotiate, making an immediate impact on your bottom line.

SIB makes it easy for you to reduce costs on your floor cleaning and other maintenance contracts. There is no need for us to access years’ worth of contracts, either – the last three months of your floor cleaning service invoices are all we need. We review your contract terms and service levels, check for compliance and correct billing errors. We ensure you receive credits, refunds, or discounts where applicable. We work with your current vendors, and can assure you there will be no disruption of service while we complete our audit. Best of all, there is no up-front cost to you. In fact, if we don’t end up reducing fixed costs for your company, you don’t pay us at all.

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