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Dishwasher Maintenance Expense Management


If you work in an industry that requires the use of a commercial dishwasher, you know how important it is to keep your equipment running efficiently. You likely have a maintenance contract with the manufacturer, or a vendor who is authorized to service your machines. Should anything go wrong, you know you can pick up the phone to call them and expect that they will be there for you. While you may be satisfied with the level of service you are receiving, you may be surprised to learn you’re paying too much on your dishwashing maintenance contract, or that you could be paying for services or items you don’t even use. SIB Fixed Cost Reduction can help your organization find opportunities to reduce dishwasher maintenance and other fixed expenses.

Cost Reduction for Dishwasher Maintenance

Though you could be paying inflated rates for your dishwasher maintenance contracts, it is no fault of your accounting department that some cost reduction opportunities may have been missed. With no industry standard data to benchmark against, there is really no way to tell what fair market value you should be paying. SIB has deep experience in the industry with access to a broad number of dishwasher maintenance contracts, enabling an approach that measures your expenses against benchmarks across your specific industry.

SIB also has the ability to measure your current level of service against industry standards and note how far from fair market value your current contracts may stray. Examining variable costs such as the chemicals you use and what you are paying for in terms of maintenance and service versus what you actually use, SIB compares these numbers to the best possible pricing from your vendor and others in the industry. This thorough process helps to ensure that we are negotiating the best possible terms and rates for your specific needs.

Many vendors offer a one-size-fits-all contract to most of their clients, which may result in you paying for unnecessary services. SIB’s expense management experts dive deep into your dishwashing maintenance and other service contracts, looking to identify add-ons that don’t make sense for you to have based on your specific needs, and to remove other unnecessary items. This proven cost reduction strategy has paid off for many companies, and SIB can likely help your organization as well.

SIB’s No-Risk Approach

With SIB’s cost reduction process, there is no need for you to comb through years of invoices – we only review your most recent three months of billing and your utilization of these services during that time. We examine your contract terms and service levels, correct billing errors, and ensure contract compliance, obtaining the appropriate credits or refunds as applicable.

We will identify ways in which we can optimize your service and negotiate better terms and rates based on an extensive database of benchmark rates that will not require you to change vendors or cause interruption to your service. We will continue to monitor your dishwasher maintenance service for contract compliance to help ensure that any future savings opportunities are easily identifiable. Finally, SIB charges nothing up front for our services, assuming all risk for assessing your systems. If we are unable to find ways to reduce your fixed costs, you pay nothing.

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