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Reducing Freight Costs


Managing freight and shipping expenses is an essential part of an organization’s bottom line and can greatly impact the growth of your business. Without the freight and shipping infrastructure in place to facilitate that growth, businesses may struggle to expand.

At SIB Fixed Cost Reduction, we understand the unique challenges that freight and shipping prices present to companies. Not only are these expenses critical, but saving money on them may seem difficult when organizations don’t want to “rock the boat” and risk disrupting the quality of service they currently enjoy. That’s where our expertise comes in.

Save on Freight and Shipping Without Freezing Your Business

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You don’t need to sacrifice the infrastructure that keeps your business running smoothly. SIB’s experienced cost analysis experts understand the industry, and know how to examine your costs without interrupting any aspect of your business.

It starts with a simple kick-off call.  Here, we learn more about your organization’s needs and share examples of what we have been able to achieve for clients in the past, while providing the assurances you need that your freight and shipping can be more cost-effective.

Should you engage with us, we review all of the relevant bills provided to us in a way that’s most convenient to you. We then work with your current vendors, check for contract issues, negotiate better terms, and fight on your behalf.

A Risk-Free Approach to Freight and Shipping Cost Reduction

After examining your expenses and working to reduce them, we present our savings findings. At this point in the process, your organization is still free to make any decisions you like regarding how to handle the savings, which means there is no risk involved to you. Once you provide approval, we go to work to implement our savings while measuring the results each month from that point on.

Our approach is based entirely on the savings that we find, and if we are unable to find savings for you, then you won’t pay a dime.  We assume all of the risk – that’s how confident we are that we will be able to save money for your organization.  Because we can also help companies on an ongoing basis, you can rest easy knowing that we will be there for you every step of the way.

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