Testimonial Video – Franchise Operations
October 23, 20231 min read

Testimonial Video – Franchise Operations

Restaurant Operations President Says "We Saved 40% on Workers Compensation Benefits Costs"

Franchise Operations president shares a brief testimonial video overview telling how SIB helped them save 40% on costs associated with workers compensation for their 21 restaurants.

President of Franchise Operations says SIB helps them to reduce benefits costs associated with workers compensation costs by 40%.  They were able to apply the money saved toward key growth initiatives including remodeling restaurants and crew incentives.

SIB provides turnkey cost reduction and contract compliance services to restaurants to improve profitability without changing anything.  This includes vendor negotiations, strategic contract audits, rate and service level optimization, and savings sustainment. Learn more about our services for restaurant operators and save on everything from banking fees, waste and recycling, telecom, bank fees, payroll processing, linens/laundry, and more.