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CNSG Partners with SIB to Deliver Cost Reduction Services

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Publication: West Published: April 2, 2019 Full Article

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction announced today that the company has become a Supplier for Converged Network Services Group (CNSG), the Premier Master Distributor for the design and delivery of complete technology solutions. Working through CNSG’s vast partner network, SIB will deliver expense reduction services for the clients of CNSG’s partners.

SIB reduces expenses for companies in areas like waste removal, bank fees, property tax, utilities, maintenance services, and dozens of additional business expense categories.  SIB only bills on the savings they find, and clients are not billed until savings are realized. Going beyond the technology and telecom arena, SIB’s services complement those of CNSG’s impressive partner network to deliver direct bottom-line impacts to CNSG partners’ clients.