Paymerang Partners With SIB To Help Clients Save Money And Automate Accounts Payable Process
October 20, 20212 mins read

Paymerang Partners With SIB To Help Clients Save Money And Automate Accounts Payable Process

Paymerang recently announced its partnership with SIB Fixed Cost Reduction (SIB), one of North America’s largest spend-management consulting firms. Paymerang and SIB will coordinate efforts to market products and services to each other’s client base.

Two factors of modern business survival are avoiding complacency and strategically auditing internal practices on a regular basis. This partnership will allow mutual clients to streamline business operations, reduce unnecessary costs and reclaim human resources for more strategic endeavors.

With this partnership, Paymerang customers gain access to SIB services that ensure they are not spending more than necessary to keep their businesses running smoothly. The SIB team of experienced analysts validates line-item invoice details, rectifies billing errors and obtains best-in-class rates. SIB uses its extensive benchmark database of rates and practices to fortify vendor relationships by ensuring contract compliance and negotiating pricing on the client’s behalf—with no upfront costs or pressure to change vendors.

SIB only bills on the savings they find, and clients are not billed until savings are realized. SIB services complement those of Paymerang as they impact the bottom line for our mutual clients. Having analyzed more than $3 billion in spend across more than 70,000 locations nationwide, SIB has proven its expertise across a wide variety of industries.

Paymerang harnesses the power of automation to enable finance offices to become more efficient while reducing costs. Now SIB customers can automate their manual AP tasks, so they can focus on higher value activities. No more tracking down invoices, printing checks, stuffing envelopes, handling vendor inquiries and reconciling accounts. With Paymerang’s invoice and payment automation, SIB clients can read, approve, post and archive invoices with a few clicks—and pay their vendors electronically.

“SIB’s mission to lower overhead expenses and boost profitability perfectly aligns with Paymerang’s mission to automate antiquated business processes and usher accounts payable efforts into the modern age,” said Nasser Chanda, Paymerang CEO. “Paymerang customers enjoy increased efficiency, quarterly rebates and improved timeliness. Now SIB customers can opt to use our services to automate daily tasks and increase financial security while saving precious time.”

“SIB is excited to expand our offering with the introduction of Paymerang’s cloud-based invoice and payment automation solutions to our clients,” said Kevin Flounders, SIB CEO. “In turn, SIB will offer its cost-reduction efforts to Paymerang clients who want to significantly lower their costs for third party vendor services.”

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