SIB Acquires The Fox Consulting Group
June 3, 20212 mins read

SIB Acquires The Fox Consulting Group

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction, one of North America’s largest spend-management consulting firms, announced the acquisition of The Fox Consulting Group on June 3, 2021. The Ohio-based spend-management consultancy specializes in cellular, voice, data/networking, cloud services and credit card processing. The acquisition advances SIB’s capabilities in the telecom, wireless and merchant services markets and will help meet accelerating client demand for an all-encompassing vendor-management solution.

This acquisition comes at a time of significant growth for SIB Fixed Cost Reduction and deepens services in the wireless, telecom and credit card processing space. The added expertise allows SIB to take significant strides to ensure clients obtain the best solutions to match their business needs.

“Joining forces with The Fox Consulting Group was the natural next step in SIB’s continuing evolution,” said Kevin Flounders, chief executive officer of SIB Fixed Cost Reduction. “As our client’s first choice in cost containment and data management solutions, it is vital that we continue to grow and fortify our capabilities. The Fox Group deepens our level of expertise and brings increased value to our clientele.”

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Sean Fox

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer more areas of cost reduction to our clients,” said Sean Fox, president of The Fox Consulting Group. “For years our clients have come to us for objective advice and asked us to help them tighten the belt in other expense categories. Now we’re part of a company that has that expertise.”

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction offers shared-savings solutions plus robust vendor-management and utilities service offerings. Having analyzed more than $3 billion in spend across more than 70,000 locations nationwide, SIB has proven its expertise across a wide variety of industries. SIB effectively manages a customer’s third party expenses by validating line-item invoice details, rectifying billing errors and obtaining best-in-class rates for our clients. The company also specializes in energy solutions that include bill pay, enhanced data management, energy procurement and location open/close services. For more information, visit

The Fox Consulting Group, Inc. is a national expense-reduction firm with specialization in telecom, credit card processing, small package shipping, utilities and waste. The company helps businesses and organizations reduce and better manage their costs without changing service providers. The Fox Consulting Group operates independently of all service providers and delivers unbiased consultation and advice. As a result, the firm has saved more than $50 million dollars for its clients since its founding in 2003.

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