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Energy Supply Procurement

Energy Supply Procurement | high voltage power lines | SIB

If your company conducts business over multiple locations, you depend on the energy utilities that dole out supply and distribution services under a variety of rates and programs. If your operations span deregulated states, your purchasing choices expand. A knowledgeable, independent consultant can help you develop a business energy procurement strategy that lets you exercise your choices wisely.

Energy procurement in deregulated markets is complex. Your organization may not have the in-house expertise needed to purchase electricity, natural gas and other fuel supplies at the best prices. To limit your risk exposure, you need an extensive understanding of market trends and regulatory complexities for each state and utility where you conduct business.

We have saved millions of dollars in avoided costs for our energy procurement services clients. When you outsource your utility procurement to us, you will get the best options for the right price. We help your organization evaluate and procure energy. We work with you to understand your needs and find the provider options that best suit your objectives.

While we have established utility procurement relationships with suppliers, we have no formal ties to them. You get our undivided attention, unbiased expertise and dedicated support as we craft a customized solution to help you manage the energy procurement process. We want to drive down your per-unit costs with a program that matches your risk profile and budget.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting

When you support sustainability with accurate greenhouse gas emissions reporting, you commit to maintaining a balance between economics, society and our physical environment. Your record of sustainability is important to your customers, employees, shareholders and community. We make it easier for you.

Depending on your city and state, you may be required to submit one or more emissions reports. Reporting regulations are usually based on your industry as well as the size and location of your commercial buildings. Legal statutes guarding emissions are continually being changed and tightened. If you do business in several cities or states, keeping pace with and meeting all the reporting regulations can get complicated.

 We specialize in GHG emissions reporting. As industry experts we save you time and money while avoiding any mishaps related to accurate emissions reporting. We can set up your facilities in the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager, an online tool that provides the ability to run benchmarking reports and receive an energy score. Using this data, we can help you produce the government reports you need to comply with emissions regulations and requirements.

Worry-free Open & Close Account Management

If your organization opens and closes locations frequently, you are familiar with the manhours lost to making calls to utility suppliers and long hold times. When you do reach a live person, you don’t always get accurate information or may be sent on a paper chase for required forms.

Let our experts handle it for you. We will contact your utility companies, juggle details, and negotiate rates and deposits. We know the right questions to ask and recognize when the answers don’t make sense. We understand the ins and outs of utility pricing and are prepared with all the necessary documents and answers before we make the call.

We ensure you get the most beneficial rate schedule, uncover applicable rate and service discounts and verify your first invoice and any credits or refunds due. Our utilities experts find the best rates, negotiate deposits and ensure your services are turned on and off according to your schedule.