SIB Completes Merger with Energy and Utilities Experts, Cost Control Associates
October 27, 20203 mins read

SIB Completes Merger with Energy and Utilities Experts, Cost Control Associates

CHARLESTON, SC (October 27, 2020) – SIB Fixed Cost Reduction announced today that it has completed a merger with long-time partner Cost Control Associates (CCA). By bringing the two companies together, SIB and CCA clients will benefit from the collective power of two companies whose mission is to lower overhead expenses and boost profitability.

SIB specializes in reducing operational costs for companies in areas such as waste removal, telecom, bank fees, property tax, utilities, maintenance contracts, corporate insurance and dozens of other spend areas. The company analyzes clients’ current vendor invoices to identify billing errors, ensure contract compliance and negotiate best-in-class pricing. SIB operates on a contingency model, only sharing in a portion of the savings they achieve for their clients.

CCA complements these services, helping companies reduce and better manage utility expenses for energy, waste removal, telecom and cellular. The company’s utility expense management services include utility invoice reviews, utility bill processing and payment, analysis and review of utility data, energy procurement and other services.

“We’ve partnered with the team at CCA for several years in order to provide our clients with the most competitive rates and services for their utility spend,” said Kevin Flounders, president of SIB Fixed Cost Reduction. “Bringing CCA into the SIB family was a natural next step in our growth strategy as we expand both organically and through mergers and acquisitions.”

SIB and CCA will continue to operate independently in the short term, each with an expanded service offering that will benefit their respective client bases. Flounders will lead the newly combined companies as CEO of SIB. Keith Laake, founder of CCA, will step into a business development position as he plans for retirement and the next chapter of his life.

“I spent almost 30 years making Cost Control Associates what it is today,” said Laake. “Merging with SIB allows us to do even more for our clients while also expanding SIB’s client offerings. This is a positive move for CCA, and I feel good about our combined teams doing great things together.”

About SIB Fixed Cost Reduction

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction specializes in reducing monthly expenses for companies. SIB only shares in the savings they find and only after clients realize the savings. SIB has analyzed over $3B in spend across more than 70,000 locations nationwide. This expertise across a variety of industries and audit categories allows SIB to effectively rectify billing errors and negotiate lower pricing for our clients without changing vendors or service levels across dozens of spend categories, including telecom, utilities, waste removal, bank fees, maintenance contracts, property tax, commercial insurance and more. For more information about SIB, visit

About Cost Control Associates

Cost Control Associates is a national leader in utility expense management. The firm specializes in helping businesses and other organizations reduce and better manage their utility costs for energy, waste removal and telecom. Founded by President Keith Laake in 1991, the company offers a variety of innovative services including cost recovery and reduction, energy procurement, invoice processing and payment, and budgeting and forecasting. Cost Control Associates operates independently and provides unbiased consultation and advice that have saved millions of dollars for its client businesses, organizations, school districts and government entities. For information about CCA, visit

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