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About SIB Fixed Cost Reduction

(Psst…it’s S. I. B, not Sib.)

In 300 Words or So

SIB is the premier choice in cost containment and data management solutions for multi-site businesses and organizations across North America. With proven expertise across a variety of industries, SIB works with vendors that provide the services you need to keep your organization running. We work in all categories of spend, including utilities, energy, telecom, waste removal, bank fees, property taxes, linens, maintenance and shipping.

We work with your vendors daily. We understand their business practices, know their competition and have access to unadvertised discounts and special pricing. We leverage our extensive proprietary benchmarking databases to make sure you get the best prices for the same services.

When you allow SIB to do the heavy lifting, your management and accounts payable teams save time and money. We work with you to understand your business objectives and negotiate directly with your vendors to bring down costs, improve services and strengthen relationships. That frees your team to work on other critical projects.

SIB’s bill audit experts thoroughly analyze vendor invoices and contracts. They eliminate errors and oversights, obtain refunds and implement best-in-class rates for now and the future. SIB also delivers vendor bill pay and expense management services, energy procurement, budgeting and forecasting, sustainability reporting, account open-and-close services, and other consulting services.

As part of its growth strategy, SIB continues to enhance its service offerings through acquisitions of like-minded companies. Since September 2020 SIB has acquired Cost Control Associates for energy, utility and vendor expense management; The Fox Consulting Group for cellular, voice, data/networking, cloud and merchant services; Sage Management for comprehensive telecom expense and inventory; and Shipware for shipping solutions and strategies.

Our expanded services teams work together to make sure your business gets the best, cost-effective services that get the job done, meet your budget and help you reach your goals.

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