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Bill Pay & Data Management

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Preserve liquidity while saving time and money when you work with SIB to process and pay your bills for you. Free up your accounts payable staff to do other things and know you are paying the best rates and error-free bills. Enjoy the benefits of an online database of all your billing information and usage along with reporting features that help you better manage your overall business.

As a top-rated consultant for expense management services, SIB offers the additional solutions you need to succeed. We value your best interests, because we operate independently of providers and equipment installers.

Reduce Your Overhead Business Costs

We offer the following ongoing services that allow you to save time and money.

Free up Manpower with Our Processing & Payment Services

For multi-site organizations, our bill management solution centralizes and streamlines invoice processing for electricity, gas, waste removal, telecom and other regularly billed services. We scan invoices and  data-enter cost and usage information to customized database that you can use to oversee and report on your operations. We will code bills to proper departments, divisions and other cost centers per your request as well as pay your vendors accurately and on time.

You enjoy 24/7 access to your database via a web portal that allows you to manage your invoice data, generate standard or customized reports and take advantage of the tools you need for budgeting and forecasting.

With our services, you will:

  • Improve cash flow with payment scheduling (never again pay too early or too late)
  • Avoid late fees and prevent shut-offs
  • Reduce or eliminate deposits
  • Eradicate errors or duplicate payments
  • Enjoy a single point of contact with a live person and no automated phone menus

Save Money with Ongoing Data Analysis

Our bill management services are coupled with data analysis and review services that ensure rate optimization and error-free billing. We have a unique process that ensures errors are identified and your accounts are on the optimal rates going forward. Our systems contain industry-specific information that can help you act quickly on procurement and other opportunities, too.

Our data management services bring you peace of mind. We are the only firm that takes the extra step to validate usage accuracy. While most firms provide automated system checks, we take a deeper dive. Instead of relying solely on algorithm-based programs, we assign a dedicated analyst who uses his/her eyes, knowledge and experience to review the data. Our multi-staged review validates data accuracy and finds more errors, refunds and cost savings than the more common single stage automated review.

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Electricity & Natural Gas Expense Management

Procure Energy Supply at the Best Price Available

If your organization conducts business over multiple locations across deregulated states, you know all about dependence on the utilities that dole out energy supply and distribution services under a variety of rates and programs. If you don’t have a deep understanding of energy pricing, you are at the mercy of the energy companies that sell you supply.

Energy procurement is the strategic process an organization uses to identify, select and contract with energy suppliers to obtain energy at the optimal balance between price and risk. We can help you develop a business energy procurement strategy. When you outsource your utility procurement to us, you will get the best options for the right price.

Improve Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting

Depending on your city and state, you may be required to submit one or more emissions reports. Reporting regulations are usually based on your industry as well as the size and location of your commercial buildings. Legal statutes guarding emissions are continually being changed and tightened. If you do business in several cities or states, keeping pace with and meeting all the reporting regulations can get complicated.

When you support sustainability with accurate greenhouse gas emissions reporting, you commit to maintaining a balance between economics, society and our physical environment. This is important to your customers, employees, shareholders and others. As industry experts we save you time and money while avoiding any mishaps related to accurate emissions reporting.

Enjoy Worry-free Open & Close Account Management

For organizations that turn utility services on and off frequently, you are familiar with the frustrations of spending hours making phone calls and waiting on hold. When you do reach a live person, you don’t always get accurate information or may be sent on a paper chase for required forms. Let our experts handle it for you.

We will contact your utility companies, juggle details, and negotiate rates and deposits. We know the right questions to ask and recognize when the answers don’t make sense. We understand the ins and outs of utility pricing and are prepared with all the necessary documents and answers before we make the call. 

We ensure you get the most beneficial rate schedule, uncover applicable rate and service discounts and verify your first invoice and any credits or refunds due. Our utilities experts find the best rates, negotiate deposits and ensure your services are turned on and off according to your schedule.