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What will a review cost our company?

SIB’s cost savings review and recovery services have no upfront cost. We earn a percentage of the final savings. If we don’t find anything, we don’t invoice you.

What types of companies does SIB work with?

SIB has worked with small and large restaurant groups, hospital groups, Fortune 20 companies, state, local, and federal governments, and everything in between. Based on our solid financial backing, we are able to tackle contingency-based projects of any size.

How much time will a review take from my staff?

A review requires very little from your staff. We only need one month’s worth of bills and can even travel to you to scan your bills!

Does it matter where my company is located?

No. SIB works with companies in all 50 states and Canada, and although we are available to help companies globally, clients outside of the United States and Canada will require an up-front retainer.

We have in-house staff (purchasing department, accounts payable, procurement, IT department, operations manager, facilities manager, etc.) that handles our bills and vendors. We don’t need SIB, right?

SIB reviews thousands of bills each month. That allows us to benchmark the best in-class pricing. We also employ people who have previously worked inside the kinds of companies you pay each month. This gives us a serious advantage in that we know how these companies operate. We know their margins, the unpublished discount rates, the negotiation policies and more. 98% of the time we find savings. Bear in mind, we have found millions of dollars in savings and obtained refunds for previous overpayments for companies ranked in the top 20 by Fortune magazine.

What happens if you review our bills and don’t find any savings?

While this is a true rarity (less than 2% of the time), if we review your bills, and find that you have no billing errors and are already being charged industry-best prices and unpublished discount rates, then you can rest easy knowing that experts have reviewed your bills and confirmed that you are paying as little as possible.

What if we don’t want to share any sensitive information with you?

We don’t ask for any sensitive or confidential information from you or your company. We don’t look into your company’s books or accounting records. All we need to see are the fixed-cost bills from last month, for each of your locations and categories that we’ll be reviewing.

What is “benchmarking”?

Benchmarking is performing a financial analysis and comparing the results to others in the same classification to establish a target rate and service level.

What are “best in class unpublished rates”?

Many times vendors will maintain availability of certain rates for specific clients and situations. They do not publish these rates since they are much lower than normal, but our on-staff industry insiders can almost always access these unpublished rates for your business, providing for incredible monthly savings.

Will we have to switch to new vendors?

No. We are vendor neutral, meaning that we can find savings in almost any merchant billing contract and we don’t want to change your vendor. We typically accomplish savings without changing your current vendors but will always check to see if better pricing terms are available from your vendor’s competition.

Why is SIB located in Charleston, South Carolina?

At SIB we believe in the philosophy, “work to live, not live to work.” While we believe in hard work, we also enjoy living in a beautiful place that while small, offers many of the benefits and conveniences of big city living. Charleston is historic, and full of charm and warm weather. Our staff enjoys a wide range of hobbies such as sailing, kiteboarding, surfing, salt and freshwater fishing, golfing on world-class courses, beautiful beaches, and fine dining. Basically, life in Charleston offers something for everyone.

What does SIB stand for?

Solutions Integrated Business

How do I learn more or get the ball rolling with SIB?

You can use the CONTACT section of the website to drop us a line or please feel free to call our office any time at 843-271-6385 and someone will be happy to answer any questions you may have.