blog 5 mins read October 4, 2023

Technology Meets the Moment: Zero Knowledge in Telecom Blockchain

Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) will move the industry toward the fully digital NaaS ecosystem that represents the future of telecom. ZKPs help eliminate billing errors, validate that all orders are optimized, and generate significant operational efficiencies and savings for all parties.

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blog 6 mins read October 2, 2023

SLA Automation Project Delivers Big Wins for Buyers and Sellers

Service outages and the service level agreement disputes they trigger are frequent sources of headaches for carriers of all types and sizes. MEF and its member companies are well down the path to automated SLA credit calculations and mutual endorsement within a secure, public telecom blockchain environment. There is extreme value to be had for both buyers and sellers through timely SLA enforcement, namely in the form of productivity gains and improved user experience.

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blog 4 mins read September 26, 2023

Automated, Secure, Timely SLA Reporting Is Finally a Reality

MEF in partnership with SIB’s telecom and blockchain division, is piloting a revolutionary blockchain-based subscription service for automating the SLA reporting process. This pilot is derived from the MEF Wolf Town Accelerator that uses a member-defined open pre-standard smart contract in the roles of buyer and seller respectively.

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blog 5 mins read August 15, 2023

Public Blockchain For Telecom Has Arrived: What It Means for You

You’ve no doubt heard the hype about blockchain. But unless you’re in the one percent of the world’s largest telecommunications carriers big enough to stand up and maintain private blockchain solutions between yourself and your largest trading partners and customers, the reality of distributed ledger technology has always seemed a long way off.

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blog 5 mins read August 10, 2023

When’s the Best Time to Fix a Telecom Ordering Error? Before It Ever Gets Billed.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way ordering has ever worked in telecom. As a result, a staggering 70%+ of telecom invoices contain errors!

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blog 4 mins read April 2, 2023

5 Tips to Get a Grip On Telecom Costs

Organizations today have major inefficiencies in their telecom networks. Understanding what is on the network and how it should be charged is very complex, and as a result, organizations are paying millions of dollars more than they need to on their bills. There has been an awakening to this fact due to the desire to transform and modernize networks.

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