blog 4 mins read March 1, 2023

Jumpstart Cost Optimization Priorities Now: 4 Steps To Offset Inflation

Inflation continues to affect the economy, and warning signs of a possible recession persist. No matter what financial storms 2023 brings, one thing is certain: Forward-thinking CFOs will examine every area of spend to find cost reduction opportunities. In a Grant Thornton survey, 58% of CFOs say cost optimization is their biggest concern this year. Learn how to mitigate inflation and recession risk with four cost optimization priorities.

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blog 3 mins read February 2, 2023

Take The Waste Out Of Waste Management: 6 Keys To Optimize Waste Removal Spend

With inflation reaching its highest point in more than 40 years, CFOs are taking a closer look at ways to contain fixed-cost spend categories. When it comes to waste and recycling costs, it’s not as simple as asking your vendors for fair market pricing.

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blog 5 mins read July 5, 2022

4 Ways Your Business Can Fight Inflation

Inflation has been a hot topic in 2022 as the Consumer Price Index continues to rise, soaring to levels not seen since the 1980s. Inflation hit 8.6% in May, up a full 1% from April.

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blog 6 mins read March 31, 2022

Negotiating Carrier Contracts for Shipping: What You Need to Know

Every year brings new developments and challenges to the shipping industry – negotiating carrier contracts offers an avenue for increasing your overall savings.

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blog 3 mins read February 18, 2022

Getting the Best Propane Prices

Is your business paying too much for gas? Getting the best propane prices can be a challenge for organizations, particularly when pricing is in flux and contracts underlie real-world pricing.

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blog 4 mins read November 19, 2021

Is Commercial Property Tax a Fixed Cost? Why You’re Paying Too Much

Commercial property tax may be a fixed cost, but it is both negotiable and an area that offers the potential for dramatic savings for your company. Yet despite this, many organizations do not negotiate the money they are paying on their property, whether they are lessees or owners.

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