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Reduce Natural Gas Bills

Your natural gas utility promises to supply, deliver, and maintain a consistent flow of natural gas to your premises. While the cost of natural gas is a moving target these days, you may not find lower gas prices in your monthly invoices, which means one thing – you are likely paying too much for natural gas. While this utility expense might seem minimal, minor overcharges can add up over time, especially if you operate multiple locations. SIB commercial utility consultants have deep experience in this area and can help you reduce your natural gas bills.

How SIB Can Reduce Your Natural Gas Bill

In a natural gas bill, there are several line items that add up to your final balance owed. Some are dependent on global gas prices, while others may be arbitrary, such as delivery charges, storage charges, metering, maintenance contract fees, emergency calls, and other service call fees. Since many of the latter items are often contained in a bundled fee called the “Monthly Charge” or “Customer Service Charge,” it may be difficult to determine whether you are actually getting what you pay for. SIB commercial utility consultants know where to look and can uncover opportunities to save on your natural gas bill.

With years of experience negotiating with natural gas utilities, SIB has compiled a national database of benchmarked rates and standards. This knowledge provides leverage that we can use to negotiate better rates for clients. Working with multiple locations provides us with even greater bargaining power.

The process is simple. We look at your most recent invoices to determine exactly what you are paying for and whether you are actually using the services you are being charged for. If the two don’t align, we have some leverage. Common areas we target when reducing natural gas bills are capped use clauses in your contract, inflated or erroneous service charges, and unfair premiums.

Commercial Utility Audits & Consulting At No Risk To You

Once we have determined areas where costs can be reduced, we will work with your natural gas utility to obtain credits or refunds as applicable. We will ensure that your service continues as expected and that you experience no disruption. After we lower your costs, we will continue to monitor your services and bills to uncover additional opportunities to save.

As a leader in commercial utility audits and cost reduction, we are so confident in our ability to reduce your expenses that we assume 100 percent of the risk. Simply put, if we’re not able to achieve a more cost-efficient natural gas solution for you, you don’t pay us a dime.

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