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Utility Expense Management & Cost Reduction

Utilities can be a serious drain on businesses with multiple locations. Even a small bill correction at each location can have a serious effect on your bottom line.

The SIB utility audit can provide significant savings in both regulated and non-regulated states.

Utility Bill Audits Help Reduce Fixed Costs

Utilities_Review_AuditSIB helps reduce the costs associated with common utilities:

Gas Bill Audit

Our utility bill audit professionals perform a gas bill audit, identify opportunities for savings, and work with your gas company to implement those savings. You don’t get a bill until we implement the savings we find.

Sewer Bill Audit

Our thorough utility bill audit uncovers potential savings on sewer service. Our experienced fixed cost reduction analysts interface with your sewage service on your behalf to implement the savings, contributing to lower, more sustainable fixed monthly expenses.

Water Bill Review

SIB employs former industry professionals who not only analyze your water bills for errors and overcharges but who also help you get the best available rates on service in your area. Whether you’re managing one store or a chain of restaurants, we help you save on water expenses.

Electric Bill Audit

Electric expenses likely represent your company’s greatest monthly utility cost. SIB’s electric cost reduction professionals help you find savings in this critical area.

SIB’s Cost Reduction Analysts Help Reduce Utility Expenses

The process is specifically designed to minimize effort from your paid staff. Here’s how it works:

SIB determines whether all charges are actually your responsibility and ensures that they are for your current accounts.

It’s not uncommon for a business to receive utility bills for services they don’t use or aren’t responsible for. Our utility audit helps ensure that you’re being billed appropriately for only those bills for which you’re responsible.

We identify all meters and make sure they are functioning and being read properly.

An inaccurate or improperly read meter can dramatically affect your utility costs. We identify your company’s utility meters, make sure they’re functioning accurately and ensure they’re being read properly. Even minor adjustments pose long-term financial benefits.

Audit billing for tariff compliance.

Does your utility bill comply with local and state tariffs and regulations? Noncompliant billing practices can affect your company’s bottom line when you’re forced to pay excessively for gas, sewer, water, and electric services. Our utility cost reduction analysts ensure that your bill complies with the applicable state and local regulations.

Identify usage anomalies.

Excessive utility expenses can drain a business. Our expense management professionals inspect your bills to identify usage anomalies, which can affect your ongoing utility rates.

Determine whether all services are being obtained at the lowest possible cost offered by the utility.

Our former utility industry professionals are familiar with pricing systems and know the unpublished discount rates. We work to ensure your company gets best-in-class utility pricing on gas, sewer, water, and electric service.

Identify and/or create strategies which use existing tariff structures to your advantage.

SIB’s analysts are well-versed in how to take advantage of existing tariff structures to lower your monthly utility costs. Our fixed cost reduction experts can devise a strategy that makes the most of tariff policies in your area, helping you reduce expenses regardless of company or store location.

Research and analyze alternative rates and tariffs, interpretations, applications, and qualification.

Our professionals research alternative utility options, giving you the best opportunities to get the best rates. And because we only get paid when we actually reduce your expenses, we exhaust every effort to find and pursue utility savings for your business.

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