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Utility Cost Reduction

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Utility expenses such as electricity, natural gas, propane, heating oil, water/sewer and stormwater represent a significant portion of any business’ operating budget. Multi-site businesses juggling lots of utility bills are at a higher risk for paying more than they need to. SIB Fixed Cost Reduction is here to help you find errors, improve rates and save you money!

Give your accounts payable people a break, and give the work to experts. We work closely with you to understand your business. We act as liaison between you and your providers to ensure you have the best rates available to match your business needs.

No Upfront Costs

We do our cost reduction work on a contingency basis. This mean you pay us from a percentage of the refunds and savings we find you. If we find nothing, you pay nothing!

A small mistake repeated over months and years can really add up. Don’t take that chance! A thorough examination of your invoices can reveal hidden opportunities to realize refunds and significant cost savings without changing providers or usage. This is especially true if your invoices go to individually managed locations, or if you depend on your accounts payable staff to be skilled utility bill analysts.

You save manpower and money when you take advantage of SIB Fixed Cost Reduction’s bill audit programs. Our industry experts do this kind of work day in and day out. They know how to spot problems and find potential savings that even the most dedicated employee is likely to miss.

We offer an in-depth examination of your monthly bills to:

  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Uncover billing errors
  • Obtain refunds
  • Analyze rate choices​

It’s important to have an experienced cost reduction company like SIB in your corner. We are industry experts who work with you to understand your facilities and usage. Some of our specialties include review of invoices for these services and more:

  • Gas, Electricity and Fuel Oil: Regulated energy utility companies offer many choices. Our analysts understand the rates and tariffs for every state and can help you determine the optimal choice for your organization. Electricity is probably your biggest utility expense. Because of the complexity of utility billing structures, errors can go undetected for years. We use our expertise to find those errors and get the best rates for your organization.
  • Water, Stormwater and Sewer: Water in does not always match water going out, yet many sewer services charge you for both. A thorough utility bill audit by our industry professionals will make sure you are paying only for the services you use. Our experienced cost reduction analysts work with you to understand your business’ usage and analyze your bills for errors and overcharges. We work directly with your service providers to implement savings that lead to lower, more sustainable fixed monthly expenses for you.

Organizations with significant utility expense can go one step further than a “one and done” bill audit. Clients lacking in-house utility expertise often choose to outsource their entire utility expense function to SIB Fixed Cost Reduction.

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