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Credit Card Processing Fee Management and Cost Reduction

Credit_Card_Processing_Review-AuditMerchant processing fees are among the most expensive and complex operational costs that a business can face. This is an all too common, major source of overpayment. We employ a former senior manager from the merchant processing industry to pinpoint opportunities for savings. From there we negotiate with your processor to achieve maximum monthly savings.

Credit Card Processing Audit

SIB conducts a thorough inspection of your credit card processing bills and agreements to find opportunities for fixed cost reduction.

Analyze Contract Terms

Does your credit card processing contract set you up for success? Our credit card expense management consultants review your contract to determine whether it currently serves your company’s best financial interests:

  • term length & conditions
  • monthly discounting
  • funding options
  • refund policy & costs

A thorough analysis led by our former senior manager from the merchant processing industry enables us to uncover areas of overpayment, reduce costs and positively impact your bottom line.

Correct Credit Card Processing Billing Errors

Even small errors in your credit card processing bill can dramatically increase expenses. Unfortunately, the complex nature of credit card processing bills makes it difficult to pinpoint where the errors are or how to eliminate them. Our seasoned credit card processing cost reduction analysts have the experience and expertise to locate and correct your credit card processing billing errors dating back as far as five years.

Eliminate Hidden Credit Processing Fees

Many credit card companies claim they don’t charge hidden fees. Unfortunately, the definition of “hidden fees” varies from vendor to vendor. SIB works to identify and eliminate extraneous charges from your credit card processing bills.

Get Best in Class Rates on Credit Card Processing

In every industry, there are certain unpublished discount rates available to those who know how to ask for them. The credit card processing industry is no different. Our expense management consultants negotiate discounts and work directly with your vendor to get you the best rates on credit card processing. Even a slight change in rate structure can significantly reduce your monthly credit card processing bill.

We are vendor neutral, meaning that we can find savings in almost any merchant billing contract and we don’t want to change your vendor. There is no risk to you, as always, since we don’t charge anything up front. Only after we find fixed cost reductions do we earn a percentage of that savings.

Reduce Credit Card Processing Costs

If credit card processing costs continue to pose a financial obstacle, SIB’s cost reduction audit and expense management consulting can help get you on the right track. If we reduce your credit card processing costs, you simply pay us a percentage of those savings. If we’re not able to find you savings – a rare instance, since we’re able to realize savings for 98% of our clients – you’ll get the peace of mind knowing that you’re not overpaying for credit card processing service.

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