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Bank Fee Analysis

A slight adjustment to your banking agreement can help save your company a substantial amount of money each month. At SIB, we audit your banking statements and contracts to identify cost reduction opportunities. We then work directly with your bank to implement the savings we find and to monitor your banking expenses on an ongoing basis. With a 98 percent success rate, we’re able to achieve significant savings for the vast majority of our clients.

SIB works on a contingency basis, meaning you will not be billed unless we’re able to successfully implement savings. You simply pay us a portion of the savings we’re able to achieve.

We Don’t Want to Change Your Bank

Some cost reduction consultants recommend switching banks at the first signs of overcharging. SIB is a vendor-neutral expense management company, which means we’re not interested in changing your bank. Instead, we work with your current provider on your current agreement to implement savings and monitor your bills to ensure ongoing expense management success.

Reduce Banking Fees with SIB

If you think your company may be losing money as a result of frivolous banking expenses, SIB is here to help. Our trained cost reduction analysts uncover savings opportunities and can often recover overpayments dating as far back as five years. We eliminate extraneous banking expenses, helping you manage expenses and expand profit margins.

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