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Phone / Internet Cost Reduction

The telecommunications landscape is changing every day.  If you are still using a legacy telephone system, you are using outdated technology and likely paying far too much, both to your service providers and for equipment maintenance.  In fact, if your telecom system is more than 10 years old, you are missing out on some of technology’s most exciting new advances, and that can impact your company’s bottom line in more ways than you may think.

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The telecom cost reduction specialists at SIB Fixed Cost Reduction are well-versed in digital unified communications, as well as legacy phone systems, and can quickly identify whether you are getting the level of service you need at the best possible cost.  We have a high success rate in telecom cost reduction and in many cases can achieve savings up to 80 percent of what you currently pay.

Telecom Auditing: SIB Knows Telecom

Your telecom and internet system is your lifeline. It’s how you connect to your customers and your workforce. If you depend on your service providers to dictate the features and level of service you are receiving, you’re almost certainly paying too much for your telecom service. A telecom auditing company can help identify the areas where you are paying too much, or perhaps are paying for services you don’t need, and uncover opportunities for savings.

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction can scrutinize your communications contracts to discover exactly what you are paying for. We will negotiate with your vendors to reduce costs based on the features and options you actually use. Depending on your organization’s unique needs, we may also recommend migration to a unified communications strategy. Consolidating your voice, data, and wireless expenses onto a single platform can potentially save you thousands of dollars while offering a robust suite of features that will add significant value to your operations. Having an experienced negotiator with deep knowledge of telecom vendors and contracting practices can help you uncover greater opportunities for telecom cost reduction.

Areas in which SIB can find savings include:

  • Service and delivery contract negotiation and consolidation: If you have multiple support contracts from multiple vendors, we can work to consolidate this to simplify your processes and to help achieve significant savings.
  • Telecom auditing and expense management: We’ll meticulously go through your current telephone and internet billing and contracts to identify opportunities for savings, discover billing errors, and recover erroneous charges.
  • Equipment expenses: Upgrading your legacy telecom equipment may be the answer to significant savings. We’ll negotiate for you to get you the best possible value for your specific needs.
  • Maintenance contracts: Consolidate your service plans and pay only for what you use, not a penny more.
  • Internet usage: Are you paying for more than you use? Are you getting the best possible service for the price you pay? SIB helps ensure your internet service is both affordable and feature-rich.
  • Wireless contract negotiation:We negotiate long-term contract rates so your wireless costs will be consistent, predictable, and manageable.
  • Future-proofing: SIB analyzes your current equipment and service needs and presents a scalable solution that will grow with you.

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