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Expense Reduction Analysis

Growing businesses depend on outside vendors for a variety of regularly billed services that allow operations to run smoothly. Waste removal, electricity, telecom and internet, treasury, uniforms and laundry and other services are critical to your business’ success. But costs add up over time, and it can be hard to keep track of contract details, invoice errors, service discrepancies and other issues across an entire organization, especially if you have multiple facilities and worksites.

98% of our clients pay too much for overhead services. Your accounts payable team does their best to track costs and meet payment deadlines, but they are not industry experts for each of the spend categories in your overall budget. Many providers increase costs, rates and counts without notifying you. Others have short payment timelines that are easy to miss. SIB knows your providers, because we’ve been working with them for years to examine, reduce and centralize costs for our clients. We also know what similar businesses are paying in your geographic area. We do all the work–without disrupting your operations–and handle all the rate and contract negotiations.

No upfront costs. We can usually cut your costs as much as 20-40%, with no change to your services or vendors. We do it on a contingency basis, so there is no financial risk for you. You simply agree to pay us a percentage of your savings over a fixed period of time. If we find nothing, you pay nothing.

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If your area of spend is not listed, please contact us. We’ll get it done, and we’ll get it done right!

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