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Cash flow was already a concern, but the pandemic hit hard. The way people shopped turned your business model on its head. Retail stores struggled to get people in the door while grocery stores boomed as people stocked up. Online ordering increased, and contactless pick-up or delivery became the norm. The changes came with unanticipated expenses for increased sanitation, waste removal, in-store social distancing and protective gear. The challenges were exacerbated by supply chain interruptions, staffing issues and even downsizing.

As businesses re-group and take a fresh, post-pandemic look at themselves, they are discovering new opportunities. But how do you re-establish your brand and prepare for the future with a stranglehold on your cash flow? Now is not the time to cut needed overhead services and risk your reputation. This is where SIB can help.

Trim overhead expenses, free up cash flow. SIB can help you slash overhead costs without damaging your trusted vendor service relationships. We learn about your business and how you operate.

Our experienced analysts look at your invoices and contracts to review your current services. They weigh those services against your actual needs and compare them to your other facilities as well as the facilities of your competitors.

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SIB knows your vendors and works with them daily. We examine your contracts for compliance and explore options to get you the best rates for the services you need, without changing vendors or disrupting your operations.

We have in-house experts who understand each industry. We retain a database of benchmark pricing, so we know what other businesses are paying in your area. We negotiate with your vendors and strengthen your relationships with them in the process.

If we find nothing, you pay nothing. It’s easy—we do most of the work. Just give us a month’s worth of your most recent invoices from any of your vendors providing utilities, waste removal, merchant services, treasury and bank fees, maintenance, and much more. If it’s a regular service that you pay for, we can lower your costs without decreasing needed services.

We work on a contingency basis, so you don’t have to pay anything unless we find you cost savings. When we do find savings, you pay us a percentage of those savings for a fixed term. No upfront costs! We work directly with your vendors, and you choose which savings options you want us to pursue. We also keep an eye on your prices going forward, for the term of your contract.

98% of our clients save 20-40% on overhead costs. Imagine no more price creep and total transparency on what you are paying for. Let’s find out where we can save you money.

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