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Class Action Settlement

Class Action Settlement | Delta Dental | SIB Fixed Cost ReductionWhat is the case?
This anti-trust settlement relates to Delta Dental and its affiliates that conspired to suppress competition. This resulted in lower reimbursement rates paid to dental providers.

Who is affected?
Dental providers who provided dental goods or services to a Delta Dental insured patient were affected if they were reimbursed directly by Delta Dental or its affiliates or subject to a Delta Plan Agreement from October 11, 2015 to the present.

What is the filing deadline?
To be determined (When we get an update, we will post it here.)

What we need from you:
Tax ID number
Site list
Proof that you provided goods/services to a Delta Dental insured patient

How SIB Makes Filing Easy

SIB has in-house expert to deal with class action lawsuits every day. They understand the necessary steps and protect you from any pitfalls such as missed documentation requirements and deadlines. SIB relieves you of the administrative burden that involves compiling all the proper documentation, filing your claim, staying on top of deadlines and extensions and monitoring progress until funds have been disbursed.

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