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Class Action Monitoring

SIB provides our clients with a full, turn-key solution to file claims in settled cases, including:

  • Thoroughly reviewing the court’s Plan of Allocation to determine the best method to file a claim.
  • Gathering the necessary documentation needed to file a claim effectively and, when documentation is unavailable or impractical to obtain, developing alternative methods to satisfy the documentation requirements, including, if necessary, compiling and analyzing relevant records to determine claim amounts.
  • Customizing, preparing, and submitting claims on behalf of our clients.
  • Managing the claim throughout the administration process.
  • Addressing any questions or concerns presented by the claims administrators.
  • Providing transparency through regular updates during the recovery process.
  • Auditing payments to our clients to assure payouts are fair and accurate.

SIB claim filing services are provided under the same shared savings compensation model featured in our Shared Savings Service Agreement.

To get started, your SIB sales rep will send you a Claim Service Agreement for signature. Once the signed Claim Service Agreement has been returned, our staff will work with your designated contact to collect the necessary documentation to file your claim properly. You can also opt to sign a master monitoring agreement, and SIB will monitor and file for all claims that apply to your company.

Documentation & Deadlines

What documentation is needed from you? There are multiple ways to show your claim amount for each claim, but here are some examples of documentation needed to file properly:

  • Purchase Records (e.g. operating expenses, capital improvements, or any records that would contain spend figures related to the respective claim)
  • Site List (including relevant site information, e.g. number of rooms, date of construction, etc.)
  • Tax ID and Date of Incorporation

If these records are unavailable or too burdensome to recover, SIB will work with your designated contact to develop an alternative method to calculate your claim amount.

Documentation must be submitted to SIB before the filing deadline.