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Class Action & Anti-Trust Recovery

Class action lawsuitA class action lawsuit comes about when a large number of similar claims are made against a company. You may have noticed that class action and anti-trust lawsuits are often filed against medical or automobile companies, but they are also commonly filed against other services that interact with your business.

Big vendors can make big mistakes, which can mean big payouts for those who have been affected by their misconduct.

Claims Compensation

If you are a business that has worked with a vendor involved in a class action or anti-trust lawsuit, you may be eligible to join the lawsuit as a plaintiff and capture some of the allocated claim money. If you are currently eligible for an ongoing class action or anti-trust case, SIB Fixed cost reduction will help you to recover the money you deserve. SIB will also notify you if you become a candidate to join a class action or anti-trust suit in the future.