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Class Action & Antitrust Recovery

Big vendors can make big mistakes, and that can mean big pay-outs if your business was affected by their misconduct.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

class action lawsuit occurs when a group of people come together to sue an entity for the same or similar injuries. This usually occurs when the individual suit doesn’t have enough weight to warrant a lawsuit. By banding with similar plaintiffs, a class action lawsuit can produce results. When those injuries are the result of anticompetitive business practices, a group would file an antitrust lawsuit due to unfair competition, price-fixing or other types of fraud.

Assistance with Claims Compensation

If your business has worked with a vendor involved in a class action or antitrust lawsuit, you may be eligible to join the lawsuit as a plaintiff and capture some of the allocated claim money. If you are currently eligible for an ongoing class action or antitrust case, SIB Fixed Cost Reduction will help you recover the money you deserve. We will also notify you if you are a candidate to join a class action or antitrust suit in the future.