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Workers’ Compensation Cost Reduction


Your insurance company audits you every year and raises your rates.  Why not audit them to make sure you’re not being overcharged?

SIB works to review every aspect of your premium calculation, including but not limited to: declaration pages, audit billing statements, experience rating, worksheet calculations, loss history summaries, auditor’s worksheet, premium payments and special rating plans for the last five years. Armed with specific knowledge of your premium, as well as industry insider experience, we provide you with a written report documenting each instance of overcharging, as well as supporting documentation. SIB then assists you in recovery of overcharges and compensation refunds.

Former Industry Insiders Reduce Workers’ Comp Costs

Our team is comprised of industry insiders who can easily spot incorrect classifications, calculations and ratings. There is an inherent conflict between a broker’s commission and your policy premiums. SIB can leverage its knowledge of proprietary premium information and rating plans that are rarely disclosed to policyholders.

Our workers’ comp cost reduction analysts are experienced and skilled when it comes to correcting these issues, ensuring your company gets optimal premiums on workers’ comp insurance.

Risk-Free Workers’ Comp Audits

There’s no up-front fee for the workers’ comp audit. SIB only gets paid when you realize savings on workers’ compensation insurance. Our 98 percent success rate when it comes to finding savings for clients allows us to work on a contingency basis. When we save your company money, we earn a percentage of those monthly savings.

SIB’s workers’ comp audit requires a minimal time investment on your part. You provide us with last month’s workers’ compensation insurance bills and we take care of the rest. There’s no need for you to worry about sifting through years of billing invoices to find errors or negotiating with your workers’ comp provider for the best rates. If SIB is unable to find any room for improvement in your current bill, you’re not charged for the service and get to rest easy knowing you’re getting the best workers’ compensation insurance rates.

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