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Security Guards Contract Management


When it comes to saving money on fixed costs like security, organizations can improve their bottom line without having to sacrifice quality. This is where SIB Fixed Cost Reduction comes in. Our team of highly experienced professionals not only has an extensive background in handling security guard expenses, but also in every aspect of any organization’s fixed costs.

It may be difficult to see how organizations can save money once they’ve already entered into a contract with security guards. One of the reasons to work with SIB is that we’ll leave no stone unturned to find out what options are available to your organization. These options may include:

  • Shopping around for other security firms and rates if the current contract has flexibility
  • Negotiating a change in the security coverage offered. Sometimes, organizations are simply paying for more than what they need
  • Building relationships with high-quality vendors so that companies are able to secure the most favorable terms possible

Reducing Security Guard Expenses without Reducing Quality

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When it comes to security, it’s tempting to believe that “you get what you pay for” and that a lower cost equates to a decline in quality.  This is not always the case.  So long as your company handles things the right way, you stand to benefit from many opportunities to save on your security expenses, while still maintaining a quality security team:

  • Ensure that all security details are outlined in the contract.Organizations should make it clear just what kind of security coverage they expect. What are the guards protecting? Is it just the lobby entrance, or do they cover additional areas? What are the assets that your business simply cannot do without?
  • Learn how to evaluate security guard credentials.Most people aren’t familiar with what makes someone a good security guard. When organizations work with a security firm, they should be sure to ask for the credentials of all potential security guards—what is their experience and why should they care? Knowing the difference between a fledgling security team and a team of experts with years of law enforcement experience is essential to ensuring long-term quality and avoiding costly mistakes

In one very important way, security guard work is much like any other expense – companies should work with professionals who have experience in these matters.

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