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Pest Control Contract Negotiation

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Pest infestations can lead to safety hazards and loss of productivity if not properly controlled. Organizations need to regularly treat their facilities to prevent infestations and take action to eliminate any infestations in the unfortunate event that they occur.

At SIB Fixed Cost Reduction, we realize that for many organizations, pest control is a necessity, and because it’s so commonplace, it’s not a service that gets a lot of attention. While many fixed costs may seem minor, if a business is not prudent, these expenses could easily add up and impact your bottom line. Our experts uncover opportunities to help organizations save on fixed costs like pest control so they can save more of their money, or put those savings towards other important services.

Pest Infestation Categories

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There are a number of potential pests that can disrupt your business. While controlling and eliminating these pests is a common fixed cost for many organizations, “fixed” does not mean you are stuck with no options. SIB will help to find opportunities where organizations can save.

  • Mice and rats are two of the most common pests, and getting rid of them in a humane way can be time-consuming
  • Roaches are one of the most unsightly pests to infest places of business and can deter customers, especially from hospitality and restaurant businesses
  • Bed bugs are a scourge on the hospitality industry
  • Ants in kitchens and cafeterias are common, and though they’re generally harmless, few people would like to see them running around
  • Termites can cause a lot of damage to wood, which left unchecked can create costly safety hazards

Know the Pest Control Contract

SIB helps organizations manage pest control expenses with a thorough analysis of their contract, vendors and received services. These are some of the questions we will address:

  • Is the pest control company monitoring the pest population? Ongoing monitoring is essential to ensuring that the problem has been sufficiently dealt with.
  • After initial service, have the pests come back? The contract may cover how pest control should be dealt with if the problem returns.
  • Companies are sometimes entitled to more service than they’re receiving, without paying anything extra. As always, this will depend on the contract with the pest company.

The SIB Fixed Cost Reduction process is aimed at making sense of an organization’s expenses. We’ll review contracts, audit the services a company is receiving, and work to make sure they’re getting the best rates possible for their pest control needs.

Our process is easy and risk-free SIB Fixed Cost Reduction will analyze your company’s expenses and discover opportunities for savings. We will present our findings to you before committing to a solution and will only implement the options you approve.

Contact SIB Fixed Cost Reduction to learn more about pest control cost reduction and other ways to save on your fixed expenses.