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Lower Postage Meter Costs

Postage meters are an integral part of the day-to-day operations of many companies. Though the rise of digital communication has reduced the dependence on postage meters for many, for others, they remain an essential tool. The shift to digital has caused the cost of postage itself to rise, and many companies feel that maintaining a postage meter is a way to help them mitigate these costs. While this may be true, there may be opportunities to increase the value of your postage meter. With deep experience in the industry and relationships with vendors nationwide, SIB cost reduction consultants can help you lower postage meter costs today.


SIB works with enterprise-level companies to identify opportunities to reduce costs across an array of services. Through a comprehensive shipping rate management and postage audit, we can uncover a number of opportunities for your organization to save on your postage meter service.

When your postage meter is meeting your needs, you may not think twice about it.  When was the last time you stopped to consider how much you are paying for ink cartridges, equipment insurance, annual price increases, machine rental and postage costs? These expenses add up. Perhaps most frustrating of all is that in some cases, you should not have to pay for them at all.

Charging for some of these items may be standard operating procedure for some postage meter suppliers, but that doesn’t mean you should feel like you are locked into a bad deal with no way out. SIB will analyze your contract to ensure compliance and check for overcharges. Our cost reduction specialists will then use our findings, as well as our deep experience with clients nationwide, to renegotiate a better rate for you with your current postage meter supplier,  all without disrupting your service. We can even provide recommendations for alternate postage meter companies that can provide the same or upgraded services at a cost that is greatly reduced from your current contract.

Some of the ways SIB can reduce your postage meter costs include:

  • Ensure you are not paying a premium for ink
  • Renegotiate your insurance agreement
  • Eliminate reset and update fees
  • Eliminate the need for a terrestrial phone line with Wi-Fi enabled equipment
  • Negotiate a capped rate, regardless of how little you may use your meter

SIB’s No-Risk Approach

SIB has decades of experience helping companies lower postage meter costs. Our cost reduction specialists will analyze your current service contracts and processes to find ways for you to save. We can pinpoint dozens of contractual points that can be negotiated to maximize your savings. Using a baseline of benchmarked rates across a national average, we are almost always able to find savings on postage meter contracts.

The best part is that SIB assumes 100 percent of the risk. If we don’t find ways to help your organization reduce postage meter costs, you don’t pay a dime. Following our analysis, we’ll provide a thorough report highlighting all areas in which we believe you could save. You decide which actions you want to take, and we implement savings with no impact to your current service. SIB will continue to monitor your invoices, ensure contract compliance and look for further savings opportunities to continue reducing your postage costs.

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