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Mail, Shipping and Freight Cost Reduction

Shipping and FreightMany companies use express shipping services for urgent documents and packages on an everyday basis. However, most are not aware that they can save money on these shipping and freight services by collecting refunds when shippers fail to deliver on time, negotiating better rates, and avoiding overcharges. When errors go unnoticed, companies get stuck paying for shipper mistakes and unperformed services.

SIB offers a late-delivery recovery solution for packages shipped via Ground or Air with UPS and/or FedEx. SIB tracks the shipper’s guaranteed packages and secures any refunds that are owed to the client due to the package arriving late. SIB secures these credits on the shipper’s behalf; there is no action required from the client. Since there is nothing to install and the client incurs no cost, this program can amount to substantial savings on shipping costs.

SIB’s state-of-the-art, proprietary software system can continuously monitor every charge on every invoice before you pay it. Through cost management, invoice auditing, and contract optimization, we can reduce your shipping expenses by up to 22%. For companies who depend on shipping services to keep their business in motion, this can amount to major cost savings. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you anything out of pocket – we only collect a share of savings once they are realized.

Weekly reporting includes:

  • Instant credits to client’s account with the shipper
  • Detailed breakdown of credits/refunds by account
  • Claims management
  • Identification of delinquent packages

SIB clients pay nothing unless a refund is identified and issued.

Risk-Free Shipping Cost Reduction

Our cost reduction analysts help companies reduce their shipping costs every day. Our former shipping and freight industry professionals know where to look when it comes to finding overcharges and getting your company best-in-class pricing. Because shipping costs often comprise a significant expense, even slight changes in your bill or rate structure can offer long-term financial benefits.

Let SIB identify opportunities for cost savings on shipping services. All we need is access to last month’s bills in order to get started with an audit for your company. If we’re not able to achieve savings on your shipping costs, you won’t owe us anything, and you can proceed knowing your costs are as low as they can be.

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