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Reduce Waste Removal Service Costs

No matter what industry you may be in, your business will require waste removal services as part of your routine operations. These services must be dependable as waste can get out of hand quickly, cluttering space, causing unwanted disruption and unpleasantness to customers and employees alike. No matter how much you may enjoy the level of service you are currently receiving, there is a good chance you are paying too much. SIB can perform a waste removal service audit to find opportunities for you to reduce your waste removal costs.Waste_Removal_Review_Audit

Many waste removal service providers don’t allow a great deal of flexibility in their contracts, allowing only a short window of time to renew or cancel their services at the end of your term. If you miss this window, you could be locked in for several more years with no guarantee they won’t raise their prices during the course of your agreement. Additionally, you could be paying for a level of service you’re not actually using. Leveraging years of experience with the industry, SIB can help you better understand your usage patterns and find opportunities for savings on your waste removal contracts.

Waste removal service providers may take advantage of the fact that companies have limited knowledge of industry standards for waste removal services and costs, and therefore little bargaining power. SIB has the experience and data to identify these disparities and tip the scales back in your favor, uncovering opportunities for savings that will reflect immediately in your bottom line.

Medical Waste

While it’s important that all waste be disposed of properly, this is especially critical when it comes to medical waste.  SIB’s cost reduction analysts identify where you’re overpaying for medical waste disposal and work with your vendor to implement savings.

Waste Removal Service Audit: No Risk to You

The first step SIB takes to reduce your waste removal costs is to get to know your business, your expectations, and the level of service you receive from your current vendor. We then examine your existing contracts, compare them to your billing history and determine whether there are any billing errors. If any billing errors exist, we work to obtain refunds or credits for you as applicable and negotiate a better deal for you based on benchmarked rates for waste removal services in your area.  One advantage of working with SIB is that we know what your neighbors are paying for the very same services and can leverage that knowledge in vendor negotiations.

SIB will work closely and discreetly with your current vendors, ensuring that you will not experience a disruption in service while we are performing our waste removal service audit. Best of all, SIB assumes 100 percent of the risk throughout the entire process: you pay nothing unless we are able to find opportunities to reduce your waste removal costs. Even after we have obtained a better waste removal contract for you, we will continue to monitor your billing to identify even more ways to save.

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