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Reduce Shredding & Document Destruction Costs

Secure shredding and document destruction is an essential service for many industries. Legal and financial offices, medical facilities and many other segments that deal with sensitive materials rely on shredding to ensure confidentiality, security, and compliance with privacy policies and state mandates. Shredding service costs are not often assumed to be negotiable, but there are, in fact, opportunities to reduce shredding service costs.shredding-costs

Shredding and Document Destruction Expense Reduction Analysis

SIB has proven experience lowering expenses for shredding and document destruction with a thorough expense reduction analysis. We take a deep dive into your shredding service contracts to compare the services you are actually paying for against the level of service you are receiving. Our experts can identify overpayments and unnecessary charges, producing leverage to renegotiate your contract and reduce your shredding costs. After opportunities for savings are found through our expense reduction analysis, SIB will continue to work with your current provider to ensure there is no disruption in your service. The only difference you will see is in your bottom line.

Savings Opportunities Uncovered by SIB

With years of experience working with shredding and document destruction service providers, SIB has built an extensive database to benchmark standard service levels and pricing across a range of sectors. Some of these findings may surprise you. Did you know, for instance, that many shredding companies charge a premium for destroying documents that are regulated under HIPAA (medical) or other legal statutes? Without a comprehensive expense reduction analysis, you may be unaware that your company is paying a premium for shredding services, even though you are receiving exactly the same service as the travel office down the street.

Shredding and document destruction companies may also charge a premium based on shred size, bulk or on-site document destruction. If SIB finds that your business is being overcharged, we can negotiate with your vendors to lower your shredding and document destruction costs even if compliance is an issue.

How It Works: SIB’s Process and No-Risk Approach

SIB has years of experience performing expense reduction analyses for companies and enterprises across a broad range of industries. Best of all, we assume 100 percent of the risk involved in assessing your situation. If we are unable to achieve a cost savings for you, then you don’t pay.

Remaining true to your service agreement, we obtain refunds or credits where applicable and aim to implement your new rates as quickly as possible. After your contract is renegotiated, SIB will continue to monitor your invoices for any discrepancies and to ensure compliance in all areas.

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