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E-Waste Removal Expense Management

Every company requires an effective waste removal service for their operations to run smoothly, and E-Waste is no different. Up to 50 million metric tons of discarded electronic devices are disposed of each year, and though you may have a reputable service provider handling E-Waste disposal, you may be surprised to find that you are paying too much. A commercial E-Waste audit performed by SIB’s experienced team of expense management professionals can help uncover areas where you could be saving money.

Commercial E-Waste Audit Service

There are many E-Waste removal service providers, creating a competitive environment in which reasonable prices can be negotiated. SIB experts target several key areas to help companies reduce their E-Waste removal expenses:

  • Billing Errors: Our expert analysts look over your E-Waste bills to determine if you have been overcharged. Previous billing errors are commonplace in many monthly business services, and our team can quickly identify any abnormalities.
  • Over-Service: SIB is able to gauge if you are being charged for additional services that you don’t need or use. Our team will then take corrective action to ensure you are only paying for the level of service you require.
  • Best-in-Class Rates: SIB cost reduction analysts have worked in the waste removal business and are familiar with current pricing trends in the industry. They can negotiate the best monthly pricing for you.
  • Usage Patterns: Leveraging a database of national service levels and rates, our team can assist you with understanding your E-Waste disposal patterns and what you should reasonably be paying every month.

SIB’s Process and No-Risk Approach

SIB expense management consultants are focused on obtaining refunds and credits for you to compensate for any overcharging. We work tirelessly to negotiate the best deal for you based on benchmarked rates for E-Waste removal services in your geographic area. Your current service will not be impacted in any way while we are performing our audit. This process is at no risk to you, as we only charge a fee if we are able to find opportunities for savings and reduce your expenditures.

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