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Waste Removal Expense Management

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For better or worse, waste is a side product of business, and every company wants to reduce waste disposal costs. With ever-tightening environmental regulations, it becomes increasingly expensive to responsibly remove your company’s garbage without blowing your budget. Depending on your business type, your waste expense management may include:

  • Trash and solid waste
  • Medical waste
  • Pharma waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Organic waste
  • Grease and oil waste
  • E-waste waste
  • Shredding waste
  • Recycling waste

Do your costs just keep going up?

Even as you struggle to reduce waste management expenses, hauling companies make a practice of increasing their fees every year. When you pay invoices for multiple locations, it’s easy to miss an increase. But over time, those increases will do real damage to your bottom line.

When your shop for service vendors, it can be hard to know if you are getting the best prices. Waste management overcharging is common, so you have to be watchful of your invoice charges as well as your contract terms. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to compare your services and costs to similar businesses in your area?

At SIB Fixed Cost Reduction we know what waste removal services are supposed to cost, because we work with all types of businesses and are familiar with waste haulers and their pricing across the North America. We are pros at waste removal data management and keep an extensive database of what haulers charge for various services in the regions where you do business. We know what businesses like yours pay in your region, no matter how many regions your business spans. That helps us help you significantly cut waste removal costs.

Don’t assume your invoices are correct.

Invoice errors, overcharges, hidden price hikes, heaping or under-filled dumpsters and missed contract details can really hurt your bottom line. SIB works with your business to reduce your waste management expenses—without cutting needed services or changing vendors. We’ll go over your contracts with a fine-toothed comb looking for unnecessary clauses, minimum limits you’ll never meet and checking to ensure billing matches your contract terms.

Our team has experience in more than 90 overhead expense categories, yet waste removal expense tend to involve the greatest number of mischarges and contract compliance issues.

Read these real-life client stories.

  • This furniture store chain didn’t produce a lot of trash, but their waste removal contract called for a minimum load of 2 tons for every pick-up, even though most of their loads were less than half a ton. We also discovered the waste hauler was billing for twice the tonnage the contract specified!
  • A donut store chain owner knew prices were rising but didn’t realize he was getting hit with a 30% annual price hike across many of his store locations. The SIB team dug deeper and found that more than half of the stores were paying for trash pick-ups they didn’t need.
  • A hotel owner was under contract with a national waste hauler who managed the account through a local hauler that performed the service. Though the contract stated that the client was exempt from fuel and environmental fees, SIB cost experts found the local hauler was adding them to the invoice that went to the national hauler. Not only did the national hauler miss the oversight, but it added a billing charge of its own: A 4-ton minimum tonnage per haul!

SIB makes it easy.

Because our industry experts understand the terminology and the profit margins, they know how to talk to your providers. Our experts analyze thousands of waste removal bills every month, and they know how much services should cost as well as the industry’s historical tendency to over-charge.

You just show us your invoices and contracts, and our waste team will do all the work and handle all the negotiations. We do it without changing your vendors, so you can enjoy the same working relationships and services while paying less for waste removal. You can sit back and enjoy the benefits of improved cash flow.

If we find nothing, you pay nothing, but SIB has found savings for more than 98% of our clients. There are no upfront fees, and you pay us through a percentage of the dollars we save you.