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Medical Transportation Review

Many healthcare clients have monthly expenses for medical transport, including emergency and non-emergency ambulance services, as well as accessible van transport. SIB can conduct a comprehensive review of these expenses to uncover billing errors and recover payments when eligible.

For skilled nursing centers and other healthcare facilities, medical transport costs are often out your control, relying on service providers to submit detailed and accurate claims for Medicare reimbursement. In many cases, this does not occur, reimbursements do not get processed, and you are left holding the bill.

SIB’s expense analysts are equipped to review billing records in detail to identify any discrepancies, such as trips being booked under the wrong transport type, patients being misclassified through Medicare Part A or Part B, and incorrect mileage calculations being recorded. SIB’s staff can assist with correcting these errors, resulting in significant refunds and credits which are ultimately reflected in your bottom line.

Medical transport is a spending category offering plenty of opportunities to save, but only if you know where to look. Service providers have very little incentive to be diligent with their billing and reimbursement filings because if Medicare doesn’t pay, they know that you will.

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