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Expense Management & Fixed Cost Reduction

At SIB, we help your company save money on fixed monthly expenses through audits and negotiation with your vendors.

  • Who is SIB and What is Fixed Cost Reduction?

    We work on a contingency basis and don’t require any upfront capital to save your company money. If we find cost reduction opportunities and cut your monthly expenses, we simply earn a portion of those savings. If we don’t find opportunities for savings, you don’t pay anything. It’s a no-risk, win-win for your company.

    We’re a Vendor-Neutral Expense Management Company

    Some expense management consultants have preferred vendors and will try to convert clients to these services to promote their own interests. SIB is vendor-neutral, meaning we don’t want to change your vendor. We simply act on your behalf to correct errors and overcharges and negotiate best in class pricing.

    We Don’t Require Financial Records

    We have a 98% success rate when it comes to finding savings for our clients and can typically lower costs by 20-40% in most categories. And we can do so without forcing you to divulge years’ worth of financial records or accounting information. To help you, all we need is last month’s bills for the costs you’re trying to reduce.

  • How Our Process Works
    1. You give us last month’s invoices to analyze
    2. We work offsite to check for billing errors and best in class pricing
    3. We negotiate with your vendors and save you money
  • What We Look for During an Audit
    Previous billing errors: Billing errors are commonplace for monthly business services. Over just a few years, billing errors for a single service can add up to thousands in lost revenue for your business. Our expense management analysts look over your bills and identify where you’ve been overcharged.
    Evidence of over-service: Are you being charged for additional services that you either don’t use or don’t need? SIB identifies evidence of over-service and takes corrective action to ensure you’re getting exactly what you pay for.
    Opportunities for best in class rates: Chances are, you’re not getting the best deal when it comes to your monthly rates for business services. Our cost reduction analysts have worked in the areas of business they focus on and are familiar with current pricing trends in their industries. They are experts when it comes to negotiating the best monthly pricing and getting your company unpublished discounts that are only available if you know how to ask for them.
  • Spend Categories We Review

    Cost Reduction for Other Monthly Services

    • Waste Removal
    • Telecom
    • Bank Fees
    • Vendor Maintenance Contracts
    • Utilities
    • Insurance
    • Workers Comp
    • Property Tax
    • Lease and CAM
    • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
    • Office Supplies Savings Consortium
    • Freight and shipping
    • Credit Card Processing

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